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Brazil Beyond Compare

Brazil is an exercise in superlatives: fifth-largest country in the world, occupying nearly half of the continent of South America; home of Carnaval, the world's biggest street party; winner of the most World Cup soccer championships; home of the world's largest rainforest; and home of the Amazon, the world's largest river in both volume and length. It even has the biggest cashew tree on the face of the planet, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. The country started with a healthy intermingling of African, Portuguese, and indigenous peoples and cultures, later adding other European immigrants such as the Italians in the south and the Dutch in the north, all of which give Brazil an impressive diversity of cultural life, music, and arts, not to mention culinary traditions and religious practices. São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, is a thrilling urban center, drawing national and international commerce and tourism. Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was designed in the shape of an airplane by the architects Oscar Niemeyer, Lúcio Costa, and Israel Pinheiro. Brazil considers itself the country of the future, but Brazilians joke that that future never seems to arrive. Distressingly, Brazil's excess extends to the misery as well, with Brazil ranking high in income inequality. From the lush Atlantic rainforests to the semi-arid sertão to the Pantanal wetlands teeming with animal life, Brazil also boasts an uncanny diversity of geographic climes. National transportation by bus is excellent; plane travel is generally more expensive.

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African presence

For three centuries, Salvador was the site of a thriving slave trade, with much of the workforce for the sugar cane and tobacco plantations coming from the west coast of Africa. Even today, Salvador is described as the most African city in the Western hemisphere, and the University of Bahia boasts the only choir in the Americas to sing in the Yoruba language. The influence permeates the city: food sold on the street is the same as in Senegal and Nigeria, the music is fused with pulsating African polyrhythms, men and women nonchalantly carry enormous loads on their heads, fishermen paddle dug-out canoes in the bay, and the pace of life is more relaxed than in other parts of the country

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  • Hola Señor y señora, Soy la Sra. marie Antoinette soy una la Francia estoy en busca de préstamo de dinero por varios meses estuve 6 veces víctimas de estafa con ser prestamistas que tienen me arruinen, j intentar suicidarse a causa de ellos. Porque tenía deudas y cuentas a pagar. Pensé que era más para mí que n tengo más el significado de la vida. Pero afortunadamente he visto testimonio hecho por muchas personas el Señor Carlos contactar, así que contacté con él para obtener mi préstamo para pagar mis deudas y llevar a cabo mi proyecto. C es con el Señor Carlos que la vida, mi sonrisa es otra vez un NCM que tiene corazón fácil y muy completa. Te próximos prestamistas en África a tope porque hay prestamistas de hecho personales serio Si usted necesita financiación; de los préstamos de dinero o cualquier proyecto ello señora le ayudará a darse él y apoyará financieramente
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  • for traveling around Brazil by Bus ;)
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  • I was looking for Gil Serique in Santarem and found out he has migrated to beautiful Alter do Chao. He is currently residing at a beautiful beach front pad overlooking the pristine white sands and blue lagoon.For the past few days I have had the pleasure of staying with Gil at his incredible place, simply hanging my hammock and chilling out whilst engaging in extremely informative conversation about the local area.Accomodation is available at reasonable prices at Gil´s place, either in hammocks or in a fully furnished, air conditioned private room in the beach house. Though there is a maximum number of guests at any one time to maintain a great atmosphere!Gil Serique is the best Amazon guide I have known. Her offers amazing Amazon guided tours to the super biodiverse Tapajos National Park, the Amazon floodplains, and historical sites like Fordlandia and Belterra. All complemented with his vast knowledge of all things Amazon you are guaranteed to have an excellent trip.Gil Serique is a fountain of knowledge, a barrel of fun and a super host! He really is a breath of fresh air. One that breathes life back into the Amazon rainforest!If you are in the area, to look him up is an absolute must for all!Check his website out. www.gilserique,com, or look him up on facebook.
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  • I luv this country!!
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  • I live in Brazil, in Fortaleza capital of Ceará.
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  • Brazil is a huge and wonderful place to visit and live. It is famous for its natural beauties and 8.000 kilometers of coastland. My city FORTALEZA is a special place. It's an unforgetbles place. Fortaleza is located in Northeast of Brazil, is the hottest state . Here you found a privileged place where there are 120 sandy beaches scattered along its 570 kilometers of coastland, the temperature average is 90º F(30º) for at least 8 months a year. The peculiar geography of Ceará divides the seashore into east and west.
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  • Jericoacoara in Ceara, das Surfer Paradies, 1994 wählte die renommierte US amerikanische Zeitung, die Washington Post, die Gegend zu einem der 10 schönsten Strände des Planeten. Im Februar 2002 wurde das gesamte Gebiet unter Naturschutz gestellt und heisst jetzt "Parque Nacional de Jericoacoara" (8.416 ha). Die Kontrolle und Durchsetzung des Gesetzes sind in der Verantwortung der IBAMA (das brasilianische Institut für Umweltschutz), die IBAMA ist auch mit einem Team professioneller Mitarbeiter direkt vor Ort. Das geschützte Gebiet wird im Osten vom Ort Preá und im Westen vom Dorf Guriú begrenzt. Das Naturschutzgebiet zieht sich im Mittel 10 Kilometer ins Landesinnere und schliesst verschiedenartigste Landschaften ein: Riesige Wanderdünen, Teiche, Seen mit glasklarem Süsswasser, Mangroven, Kokospalmen, Klippen, Strände mit ruhigem Seegang, Strände mit Wellen zum Surfen, Steinstrände, Höhlen und Grotten. Mehr informationen unter:
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  • Schaut Euch in Brasilien auch mal den Süden an, der ist spannend und bietet viel. Zum Beispiel: Santa Catarina, Parana, Rio Grande de Sul!
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  • brazil is a great place to go if you are looking for friendly people, rich culture and great culinary (churrasco is a must try!).
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  • I love traveling in Brazil. The people are friendly, the food is superb and cost of traveling is affordable. This country is BIG and extremely diverse in landscape, people and cuisine. I have been to Recife, Salvador, Porto Seguro, Rio, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Foz do Iguacu, Belo Horizonte, Ouro Preto.
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