tripwolf is available for all iOS and Android devices.

Looking for a travel guide that you can keep in your pocket? Then you’re in the right place. Over 600 destinations await you, packed into a single app.

600 destinations in 6 languages

Our premium guides contain information from MARCO POLO, Fodor’s Travel, Wikipedia and Yelp as well as reviews from tripwolf users. The best mix of everything! Whether you’re looking to explore your own country or venture somewhere abroad, we have the perfect travel guide for you.

Offline Map & Routing

All the content can be downloaded offline to avoid roaming fees. So you’re just outside your hotel and can’t figure out how to get to your next destination? Use the routing feature to display the quickest route by car, bicycle or on foot.

Create the perfectly tailored trip

Using the trip planner, plan your trip from home and make the most of your time on the road. Looking for something you want to see that’s not available? Add your own locations and notes to your trip with a single tap on the map.

Use on up to three devices

You prefer to work from your tablet at home, but use your iPhone when you’re on the go? Then we have a solution for you, thanks to tripcloud. You can use all of your purchases & trips on to three Android and iOS devices simply by using your tripwolf username.

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