5 important pilgrimage cities in Asia

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You don’t necessarily have to be religious to feel drawn to the spiritual aura of the world’s great sacred places. In Asia you’ll find countless such locations, cities imbued with religious meaning that are visited by believers of Buddhism and Hinduism seeking a spiritual awakening. The following places give visitors a cultural view into the spirituality of Asia and allow us to escape the secular western world, at least for a little while.  … Read More

A little Christmas trip around the world

Most of us agree: Christmas time is a time of reflection, family and tradition. You’re drawn to the comforting warmth of the hearth, the children making hand-made Christmas decorations, decorate the tree and munch on peppermints. Christian traditions and customs surrounding the celebration of Christmas have taken on starkly different forms in their journey around the globe – for instance many celebrate Christmas Eve on the 24th of December and use the following days of Christmas to relax and visit friends and family. Orthodox Christians, however, follow the Julian Calendar, and thus don’t celebrate Christmas until the 7th of January. … Read More

Typically American! Customs and traditions in the USA

The United States of America has never been a country known for thinking small. Anyone who has been a guest at a traditional American wedding will have witnessed this larger-than-life ethos firsthand. Today, we’ll walk you through some of the USA’s most interesting rituals and customs. … Read More

7 Awe-inspiring train stations

If you’re paying more attention to the train station than the train, you’re probably travelling through one of these seven impressive train stations. Read on to learn why waiting in these stations may be the best part of your journey.

Grand Central Terminal, New York

It’s been over 100 years since Grand Central Terminal was constructed in the heart of Manhattan. Then just as now, it was considered one of the most beautiful and well-known train stations in the world. Stepping into this magnificent space, you’ll feel transported back to the Belle Époque. … Read More

Capital confusion: did you know?

The capital of South Africa is Johannesburg – or is it? Today we’ll clear up the confusion surrounding many of the world’s capital cities. … Read More

The most spectacular airports in the world

What if it not just your travel destination was an adventure, but even the airplane landing itself? Whether it’s high in the mountains, directly on the beach or surrounded by turquoise ocean: we’ve gathered together eight airports that are guaranteed to leave you speechless. … Read More

The 8 biggest travel myths

What would happen if I didn’t switch my cellphone off onboard the plane? Is London’s famous clock tower really named Big Ben? And is it really true that there is no 13th row aboard an airplane? Questions questions, questions – we have answers. … Read More