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With more than 80 partnerships entered into over the last few months, the tripwolf team has already implemented a large number of unforgettable collaborations worldwide.

The tripwolf services/solutions portfolio can be customized not only for the travel industry, but also for the financial, banking, insurance, telecom, and transport sectors.

Digital Coupon Codes

It is a well-known fact that the future is mobile. Our up-to-date and on-demand tripwolf travel guides are available in the form of digital coupon codes that can be sent online or by cell phone with just one click. Your customers can redeem this environmentally-friendly offer directly on their smartphone or tablet.

Customized Integrations

Every company has its own goals. We can customize deep integrations inside our tripwolf app. From splash screens to independent travel chapters and even unique travel destinations dedicated 100% to your brand: there is no limit to what we can do for you.

Branded Complimentary Cards

For customers who prefer a physical premium incentive for their clients or B2B partners, our branded complimentary cards are a fresh and eye-catching solution. They are 100% brandable with the logo of our customers.

Media Kit

If you are planning to reach out to dedicated travel communities, we can be your long-term partner with state-of-the-art solutions: targeted push notifications, mobile advertising, standalone newsletters, sponsored articles – and much more.

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Digital Coupon Codes - just one click away

More and more travelers are choosing mobile solutions while they are on the road as opposed to heavy travel books and non-interactive pdf files.

The tripwolf travel guides are available in the form of digital coupon codes that can be easily integrated into newsletters, booking confirmations, text messages, online websites, printed materials, etc. The sky’s the limit.

What this has meant for our customers:

  • increased sales through additional value
  • a higher retention rate
  • the acquisition of new and valuable members

Branded Complimentary Cards - a premium incentive and a premium first impression

There are marketing campaigns in which a physical bonus or incentive is perceived as having more value.

For example at conferences, B2B events, meetings or just inside goodie bags, gift boxes and promotional letters, to mention but a few. Brand our complimentary cards with your logo, for a more personal touch.

What this has meant for our customers:

  • a reinforcement of the brand’s modern and user-friendly image in the market
  • a means of setting the brand apart from the competition

Customized Integrations - tailor-made for your brand

So you want to reach targeted travel groups with active users? With more than 11 million downloads worldwide, the tripwolf app is home to exactly the sort of community that you are looking for.

Our native-oriented integrations will make your brand part of the tripwolf experience. From customizable splash screens to additional chapters dedicated entirely to your brand, from promoting your company and increasing your sales all the way to our developing new travel guides for you.

What this has meant for our customers:

  • a boost in the booking conversion rate
  • improved visibility of the brand though its being seemlessly integrated into one of the market’s leading travel guides

Media Kit

Mobile native advertising, interstitials, mobile push notifications, successful standalone newsletter integrations and much more: all of these are just one email away.

Drop us a note outlining your needs and wishes and we will get back to you with a personalized price offer.

What this has meant for our customers:

  • targeting and actually reaching quality travel-oriented users
  • an increase in both sales and booking conversion rates