With over 700 million users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media channels worldwide. It’s incredibly popular among travelers – especially for getting inspired for your next vacation or just simply sharing your trip with your friends and family as well as strangers.

To celebrate the launch of our Russian app, we wanted to give a shout-out to ten of our favorite travel instagrammers from Russia, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan and share their amazing stories. 


Alex | @alex_welcometravel

Alex was raised in Kazakhstan and dreamed of traveling the world from an early age on. After finishing university, he soon realized that a nine-to-five job was not what he wanted out of life and decided to move to Moscow to become a self-employed web designer. This change made it possible for him to meet his daily needs and be able to spend some time abroad as well. Since then, he has traveled non-stop, visiting almost 40 countries and finding a new place to call home and spend most of his time: Bali. He describes traveling as incredibly exciting and an everyday challenge, but the cultures, people and new things you see and learn about are worth every bit of the effort.

Other places to find Alex: YouTube | Facebook | VK


Ira | @ira_photodiva

Ira’s first memory in terms of traveling was a trip with her grandmother to Rostov-on-Don, a city in the Southern Federal District of Russia, when she was 18 months old. Since then, she says, it feels like she has never stopped traveling for a minute. In the meantime, she has visited over 250 cities in Russia and the rest of the world and traveled over 60,000 kilometres by car. She started her Instagram account five years ago and shares her stories with over 6,000 followers every day.


Nastia | @withbeautiful

Nastia started her Instagram account mainly because she absolutely loves photography and enjoys seeing new things through her lens. She and her husband have visited several countries over the past few years and the couple are particularly interested in architecture. Instagram helps her to express herself and lets people see the world through her eyes.


Anastasia | @nastia_glebik

Anastasia started traveling more frequently after she met her Italian fiancé and moved to Italy five years ago. For her, as she puts it, the borders literally opened up and she was inspired by Instagram to see more places and explore new destinations. Five years later, she now takes over 20k followers with her on her journeys, but she also describes traveling as a reboot – you don’t have to be far away to see beautiful new places and get to know yourself better.


Irina | @irina_ls

Irina is from Vladivostok, Russia, but she dreams of moving to New York. She got the travel bug mainly during her studies in Malta and her work and travel experience in the US. She doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long as she gets bored easily, so she is constantly on the lookout for new destinations to explore. Instagram became one of her biggest hobbies and it inspires her every day. She hopes to travel even more in the future and become not just a visitor in the city that never sleeps, but a proper New Yorker.


Artem | @artem__kryuchkov

Artem was born in Odessa, Ukraine, but moved to Russia during his childhood. After taking a short trip to India a couple of years ago, he went back to Russia, quit his job and returned to India. He drove 8,000 miles through India on his motorbike, visited volcanoes in Indonesia and traveled around Nepal several times. After a year of traveling he decided to create an Instagram account – before that he didn’t even own a mobile phone. He’s now backpacking non-stop for four years straight and sees no reason to stop anytime soon. “My aim is to share my travel experiences and show people that everyone can become an independent traveler,” he says.


Aigul | @vi66nya

Aigul lives in Moscow and found her passion for travel through Instagram. One day she went to work on her bike and it occurred to her that she could take a picture of one of the many sights in Moscow and post it. From that point onwards, she received a lot of great feedback and once even won a trip to London. Today, she works remotely and is able to travel a lot more often and be extremely spontaneous. For her it’s not about the number of countries she has already visited – traveling means seeing new things, discovering different cultures and meeting new people, and for all of these reasons she loves it so much.


Elina | @elina_melnik

Elina lives in Krasnodar, Russia, and her goal in life is to travel as much as she possibly can. For her, it doesn’t matter if she visits a small city in Russia oder travels to a whole new country – what matters most is seeing the world through her own eyes and not thinking in stereotypes. She does most of her traveling on her own and loves getting to know the locals and living a normal everyday life in her new surroundings, which is her remedy against feeling like a tourist.


Tati | @tatiprotravel

Three years ago, Tati decided to put everything she has owned in a box, rent storage and travel to Bali with her son to escape the Russian winter. Once there, she quickly realized she didn’t want to leave the island again. She now lives on Bali with her teenage son, has found a new love there and calls the beautiful island her home. Her biggest dream is of a world with open borders for travelers, as for her the only thing that makes it hard to travel is the immigration restrictions. Her motto is: “Live as YOU want. Don’t think about what your neighbors or even relatives might think – you only have one life. Live it.”


Anastasia | @_fenik_

Her parents took Anastasia on her first vacation abroad when she was three years old. Since then, she has an irresistible desire to visit and explore new places. She created an Instagram account mainly to show other people beautiful places all over the world, but as she says, still can’t believe how many people are now following her travels. This summer, she will visit Barcelona and Gibraltar, which she can’t wait to see.
tripwolf is now available in Russian. You can download it here for Android and iOS to have access to over 100 travel guides in the Russian language. Let us know what you think!

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