Christmas is just around the corner, meaning that we’re all on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. You have friends or family who love to travel, but you aren’t sure yet what to give them? We’re here to help with some ideas to get you started. 


1. Scratch Map
Scratch map is the perfect gift for any world traveler. You just scratch off the destinations you’ve already visited, and you’re left with an easy overview of the countries that are still on your must-see list. Guaranteed to brighten any home.

2. Wanderlust iPhone Case
Expensive smartphones like iPhones always need a good quality case – and protection is key, of course – but it’s also nice if it’s fun to look at. For people who love to travel, you can find cases with just about any travel motif imaginable! A particularly nice gift if you’re just looking for a few last smaller gifts for your loved ones.

3. Handy photo printer
Snapping photos with a smartphone has become a normal part of the tourist experience for almost any traveler. There aren’t many die-hard photography fanatics who still lug around their heavy camera, in particular since most of us have our cellphones in our pockets anyway. Unfortunately, most of these precious memories are left to fade on our devices and are never printed out. The photo printer from HP is a great gadget to help change that: just connect via Bluetooth and you’re ready to start printing your photos! Even better, the device doesn’t require annoying ink cartridges.

4. Powerbank for on the road
Who doesn’t know this feeling: just as you’re trying to work out the way to the next landmark or snap a photo, your smartphone runs out of juice. This is particularly irritating when you’re traveling, as it’s usually way more difficult to find an outlet, but it’s also frustrating in your day-to-day life. For people who can’t live without their smartphones, we recommend a powerbank, in particular this one from Anker, which can carry you through up to 7 charge cycles.

5. City Maps for your walls
If you want to remember your vacation destination, there’s no question that photos you take yourself are the best way to go. But for people who love to change things up, other pictures can add variety and interest to the same old wall. City maps can be a great solution here – a wonderful way to bring a little piece of your last destination, and the memories made there, to your own four walls. We’re ordering the New York City map right now!

6. tripwolf Unlimited
Of course our biggest and best package can’t be missed: tripwolf Unlimited. For true world travelers, we’ve put together a huge package in our app containing all 600 travel guides we offer, as well as all functions (trip planner, maps, routing…) – of course also available offline. Through December 24, we’re offering you the chance to give the gift of tripwolf Unlimited for the special low price of just EUR 14.99! Continue reading here to learn more.

7. Travel bank
In most cases, travel isn’t exactly a cheap hobby, meaning that most of us have to tighten our belts a little throughout the year in order to afford it. If you want to make saving for that dream vacation easier for your friends or family, a cute travel piggybank is a great option. If you’re not the best at crafting you can pick up beautiful banks like this one, but otherwise you can put one together yourself in less than half an hour, and best of all you will have made it yourself.

8. Stick-on lenses for smartphone
For many people, travel awakes a dormant interest in hobby photography, as we all have a natural desire to hold on to as many beautiful memories as possible. If you don’t want to drag around an enormous camera, you can increase the power and potential of your smartphone photography with an external lens, which can be mounted directly onto your smartphone. You can find just about any lens your heart desires here, from fisheyes to wide angle lenses.

9. Space-saving backpack
In these times of increasingly frugal fliers, most travelers – in particular those headed out on city vacations – prefer not to check a bag. Because airlines don’t like to let money slip through their fingertips, they’re paying more and more attention to the weight limit for carryon luggage. So of course the least helpful thing here is a backpack that’s heavy all on its own. The North Face has the perfect solution to this problem: this backpack weighs less than 200g, but still has space for everything you’ll need for a short trip. Even better, it folds up extremely compactly, making it perfect for use as an extra pack to take along.

10. Hand travel safe
Those of us who don’t always see only the good in people know it’s important to protect your belongings when you’re on the road. That’s why the Pacsafe Travelsafe is a great solution for adventure lovers who don’t want to take their belongings to bed with them overnight in that out-of-the-way hostel, but still want to sleep soundly.

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