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  • With the largest collection of Mario Testino’s photographs, the Asociación Mario Testino (MATE) is the only cultural institution in the world dedicated to the permanent exhibition of the work of this prominent Peruvian artist. A non-profit organization of international outreach as well as a new referent of Lima’s artistic landscape, MATE shares its vast collection through exhibitions, programs and publications. MATE’s building is located on Pedro de Osma Avenue a few blocks away from “La Plaza Principal de Barranco” and “El Puente de los Suspiros” in the district of Barranco, renowned for its great cultural tradition and architectural beauty. This nineteenth century Republican townhouse underwent a ten-month renovation and refurbishment – a project designed by architect de Augusto de Cossío- to establish itself as a new cultural reference within the district and city landscape. MATE, Asociación Mario Testino is a non-profit cultural organization focused on the work of the photographer Mario Testino. After 35 years living abroad, it was the personal desire of the artist to bring the largest collection of his work to Lima, his hometown, in contribution to the cultural heritage of Peru.
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