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  • NOT RETURNING HERE! Tato has a reputation, but after our experience it cannot be for their service.Our group (8 persons) arrived on lunes 30 de agosto de 2010 (Día de Santa Rosa de Lima). We ordered food and drinks, and the waiter said they did not have cold beer. He went to the kitchen and returned after 10 minutes saying they did in fact have cold beer (did they have to buy them up the street?). The drinks arrived and all was good. 25 minutes later the first plates of food arrived -- one was as ordered, but the other was 1 plate of food that was unknowingly substituted for 2 plates ordered. The waiter explained that the other 2 plates were not available, and no option for changing the order was offered. 15 minutes later 3 plates of tacu tacu arrived, but only after one of our friends went to the kitchen and brought them back to the table herself. Still 2 plates missing. Our friend returned to the kitchen 5 minutes later and returned with her daughter's plate. Still one plate of tacu tacu was missing, and it was hers. She checked again in the kitchen, but no food returned with her. During this time multiple plates of tacu tacu were being served to customers who arrived after us. 25 minutes later still no food for her, and the rest of us were finished eating. We decided to leave and asked for the bill. Charging us in full, we told the waiter and then the manager we were not at all satisfied with the substituted plate, the missing plate, the lack of service, and the need to visit the kitchen multiple times. After another 10 to 15 minutes, they offered us nothing to make the situation better, so we paid only for the drinks and the food orders that were correctly prepared (most of which was brought to the table by one of us) Needless to say, no tip was included. We all walked out of the restaurant very angry, while the employees did and said absolutely nothing. The food was OK, but the substituted plate was cold (a plate previously sent back to the kitchen by another customer?). The "service" was nothing less than horrendous, horrible, and non-existent. The time (in total about 1-1/2 hours) was a total waste of 3 customers' time since they left still hungry (one not having eaten at all). On scale of 1 to 10, the food rated 6.5 and service obviously rated below 1.0.
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