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Sappiamo che non sempre è possibile visitare tutto quello che vale la pena di vedere quando si viaggia e per questo motivo la redazione d...

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  • Sightseeing in Budapest, Hungary in July 2006 [04:41]

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  • Budavári palota

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    La costruzione monumentale con i suoi musei è un patrimonio tutelato dell'Unesco. Il quartiere con...

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  • Winter in Budapest:
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  • In Love with Budapest City
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  • Bei der Ankunft am Flughafen Budapest sollte man auf keinen Fall bei den Geldwechselstellen und schon gar nicht an den Bankomaten Forint (HUF) einkaufen. Im Vergleich zu den städtischen Kursen wird man dort beim Wechseln von z.B. 100'000 HUF (ca. 330 € ) um ca. 40 € abgezockt.
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  • Privattransfer: Flughafen Transfer Budapest - Privattransfers, Limousine, Minivan, Minibus, Transporter in Ungarn Hotel, Pier, Bahnhof. Kein Sharing. Meet & Greet und Tür zu Tür-Service. Online-Buchung.
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  • Sehr schöne Stadt, nette Menschen, gutes Essen, einfach toll.
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  • What a beautiful city! A visit to Budapest yields dramatic Hungarian cafes, street performances, gorgeous views from the banks of the Danube River, great shopping, and amazing food... all set against the backdrop of Roma music.
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  • Una ciudad bella y amigable, uno se enamora de Budapest sin duda. Experiencia impagable: sentarse en las orillas del Danubio y esperar el atardecer mirando hay palabras
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  • CI ANDRO PRESTO 20.04.12
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  • Budapest is a very interesting city to visit but if like me you are gay and want to meet some new people then you will be very disappointed, Hungarian gays are not the most outgoing in the world. i did not find one gay venue I could recommend and the men all look like extras in a vampire movie e.g., black hair, sallow skin and bloodshot eyes, quite evil looking actually! I will be sticking to either Amsterdam or Vienna.
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  • Die schönste Stadt der Welt!
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  • One of my favorite cities!
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  • Salut! Maintenant je suis arrivée á la maison d’Hongrie, je voudrais raconter mes expériences. Ce ont été un circuit de gastronomie, nous avons visité beaucoup de restaurants en Budapest. Le meilleur restaurant a été le Café Miro Grande au 9 place Liszt Ferenc. Les plats ont été tres spécial et les offers immense. Vous pouvez prendre le foie gras, poulet, poissons, desserts, légumes etc. Visitez le page:
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  • as vienna's neighbor budapest offers very similar archtecture but in a much more beautiful landscape as the danube spits the city into two, the beautiful Buda hills to the west and the city life in Pest to the east of the danube.
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  • Budapest has a charm of its own. Though some buildings downtown have a bit of an industrial look to them, stroll along the Vlatava River and see the beautiful Gothic Parliament building. Go up in the hills of Buda and enjoy authentic Hungarian cuisine, complete with Hungarian wine and streudel. Everything from the sights of Andrassy Avenue to the restaurants downtown serving traditional fare earn a great rating.
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