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  • beautiful museum
    alcuni anni fa Notifica di abuso
  • its wonderful !
    alcuni anni fa Notifica di abuso
  • I enjoyed a lot this museum wich showcases more than 45000 pieces in a gorgeous viceregal residence! In fact, all the collecytion is fascinating and you learn a lot about pre-columbian habits, until discovering for the first time how did they consider sex!! You can't miss it if you go to Lima!
    circa un decennio fa Notifica di abuso
  • Eine schier überwältigende Anzahl an Exponaten- wahrscheinlich die umfassendste Sammlung ihrer Art. Nicht verpassen: der "sala erotica". Hier gibts es sehr freizügige Darstellungen des intimen Lebens der präkolumbianischen Kulturen in Peru.
    il decennio scorso Notifica di abuso
  • Just went to that incredible museum and I have to say it is a must do in Lima, probably the place I prefered! The museum is very beautiful and interesting. We had a wonderful time in the galleries learning about pre-Columbian civilizations. The guide was very passionate about it and made it really fascinating. The first galleries explain everything about all the religious characteristics (rituals, ceremonies like the sacrifice...) of those civilizations through their pottery and crafts. The Gold and silver collection, with all the jewelry is very impressive as well. Do not miss it while in Lima! I really think its a good start to understand Peru!
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  • If you tend to think that Lima is not worth a visit, the Larco Museum is the reason why I disagree. This museum basically appeals to all your senses. When entering the place, the view of the garden just makes you feel like you are in a remote place, away from all the fuss of a big city. This garden is to be shared with the tourists, no signs providing us from walking on it, I quite enjoyed the feeling of my bare feet on the grass. The smell of the flowers is truly captivating. The museum is an old white mansion that has recently been renovated and I got overwhelmed by its beauty, this place is truly inhabited by old memories and ghosts of art lovers. The collection is grandiose and imposes the respect of all the visitors. What I really appreciated in the museum is the fact that it is nothing like those big heartless museums that look more like a company rather than a cultural center, and where you easily get lost, and where you need at least 3days to see everything. The Larco Museum is run by the same family for 4 generations which gives to it a very human side. Also, it can easily be visited in an afternoon, which gives you enough time to get really interested in every single piece the museum provides. You will leave the museum with the sensation of having learnt something, and believe me, that will stay in your mind for a very long time.
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  • The museum is well interesting! It has just been renovated and all the explanations were clear and easy to remember. We learnt a lot there!! My husband is not really into museums normally but he loved this one. It is probably one of the best things we have done in Lima! I had never visited a storage area before and it was a very good experience! The erotic gallery is truly realistic indeed!!! Don´t miss it while in Lima!
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  • While traveling Lima I had the occasion to visit this amazing museum and I must admit it is one of the best I´ve ever seen. After a really funny journey by “combis” (those vans Peruvians use as buses), I had the pleasure to discover this imposing white 17th century manor which had been built upon an ancient 7th century pyramid. This museum was created by Rafael Larco Hoyle in 1926, a famous archeologist who discovered many pre-Colombian civilizations. The Larco museum is truly a man wonder; it is full of ceramic objects, jewelry, precious stones coming from the Chimús, the Lambayeques, the Mochicas and the Incas. There also is a stunning collection of tapestry and quipús (accountancy instrument used by the Mochicas and the Chimús). One of the various things you get to know better in this museum is the fact that there were many other civilizations, although we are prompted to know just about the Incas (who by the way only existed 200years before the colonization!!)… But what is really original in this museum is the fact that its storehouse is completely open, it offers then more than 45.000 art objects and makes it one of the very particular and precious museums in the world. After the main museum, you are more than invited to go down a bright little path surrounded by flowers to enter the erotic part. There you will find curious pots and sculptures that are more than realistic (with moralistic or just humoristic purposes). This shows us the different sexual behaviours those civilizations had. You can easily visit the whole museum in an hour but if you still have some time and you are not in a hurry, I would advise you to sit at the café-restaurant where you can have a drink or order typical Peruvian food or to have a walk in the peaceful garden. The menu was made by Gaston Acurio, a very famous Peruvian chef and it is really affordable. There I discovered a cultural paradise that I vividly recommend to all the travelers who get the chance to stop in Lima, on their way to discover the world…
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