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Aeroporto di Berlino-Tempelhof

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  • The huge field of the former Tempelhof airport (it was monumentally designed by the Nazis, then served as a landing place for the famous post-war “Rosinenbomber” and as an US Air Force base) has been changed to a public park in 2010. Since then it became one of the most popular recreation areas for locals. The old airport building hosts the great Berlin Music Festival in September.
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  • Opened in 2010, the former Tempelhof airfield now is the biggest park space in Berlin. And it seems that it also becomes one of the local's favorites. Well suited for picnic, kiteflying and inline skating. The Nazi-styled former airport-building is one of the tallest monuments in the world. After the Second World War, Tempelhof turned into a landing-zone for the transportation-airplanes of the US-Allies and thus into a symbol for freedom and belief in the future. Every September the Tempelhof-area hosts the popular Berlin-Musicfestival.
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  • The former airport incl its large airfield were turned into a huge urban space where Berliners can indulge in their favorite leisure activities, such as kite surfing, jogging, football etc
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