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Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park

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Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park

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Gli animali domestici e selvatici, tra cui le renne!

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  • I visited Reykjavik zoo a few weeks ago. I am an animal lover and usually enjoy visiting places like this but I'm sad to say I left feeling very unhappy. Most of the animals were fine but the farm animals looked extremely miserable. The horses especially! They were very depressed and were in a pen which consisted of just pebbles. All 3 horses were constantly lifting their feet of the harsh ground and would not sit or lie to relieve their painful feet knowing that this would be just as painful. Why were they left with nothing soft to sit on? Nowhere to relax? Just stood there in pain and uncomfortable and for how long? The sheep and cows looked equally depressed. It was a nice day and yet they were all cooped up in dismal looking pens. Many crammed in one. But then when I saw the pigs without any water I was absolutely disgusted. I decided to fill up their water trough and I've never seen pigs move so fast. All 8 of them were up on their feet like they had never had any water before in their lives! They were so thirsty it broke my heart! I then filled up my water bottle several times and let them drink straight from the bottle. I do not know how this has happened. Animals having no water is just not on and there is no reason for this what so ever. Someone needs to start investigating this zoo and make sure these wonderful animals are being looked after propely and given what they need to live their lives as happily and fulfilled as they can.
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