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  • Physically assaulted by waitress! Be very careful!I have eaten here dozens of time because of the delicious food. However, the staff, if you understand Spanish, can be very rude and even violent. My in-laws are all natives of Baños. The chef of the restaurant is from Argentina and is mentally unstable. I have seen him yell, tell off, and even bark at customers. Some days he is somewhat normal and accommodating; other days he is aggressive and throws people out because he doesn't feel like serving them. If you are a local Ecuadorian, he treats you like a dog.A waitress did not like me talking to some of the other patrons in English about their service after the owner yelled and barked (yes, like a dog) at me. She is a heavier lady from Spain with a nose piercing. She started pushing me with her body and then raised her hand at me. I yelled at her to keep her hands off of me, and she hit me in the throat, knocking the wind out of me. My husband ran in and got me out, as the American people sitting in the nearby tables grabbed the waitress and pulled her off of me. I did nothing back to her as I am a pacifist and never been in a fight in my life.Supposedly, this lady is a drug addict and has been involved in other fights. She went out that night to brag about hitting me. According to my in-laws, a police report is not going to help much, and she and the mentally unstable owner continue running the restaurant. I have heard similar experiences from both American and local Baños customers, so think twice about supporting this foreign business that attacks local people and allows physical assaults against their repeat customers!
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