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Na Bolom

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  • This is a message from Richard Pierce Milner:Dear Readers,I am a composer and pianist Richard Pierce Milner. I am writing to invite you and your clients to attend my concerts in Na Bolom, where I am the permanent artist in residence.The concerts are at 8:00 pm Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and 4:00 pm on Sundays. Concerts can also be arranged for other days and times by contacting Na Bolom at 967-678-1418. Admission is by donation of $100. Students, seniors and teachers $50. Tour guides free.Packages that include a tour of the house, cocktails, dinner and concert are also available for $370 by reservation before 3pm.I first came to San Cristóbal in 1986 as a result of a repeating dream. In it, I saw very friendly people--many in colorful clothing. I was invited into their homes. On their floors they had spread long pine needles, which is not customary in New York, where I was working or in New Mexico, where I am from. When I had the dream the third or fourth time I started going to bookstores to search guidebooks with the hope of finding the place in reality. Years later, when I finally entered the chapel at Na Bolom, I was surprised to find pine needles spread all over the floor and a Steinway grand piano.I was invited first to be artist in residence when Trudi Blum was alive. I came in 1990 and 1993. First, I helped raise funds to buy medicine for refugees from Guatemala. Later, I helped raise funds for Trudi’s greenhouses and the planting of new trees. This time I raised funds to renovate the piano. Now it works and sounds great!If you would like to hear some of my music or read more about me and see some reviews, please visit my website at or search my name on Facebook.I hope you would like to come. I look forward to meeting you in person!Sincerely,Richard Pierce Milner
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