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  • La Fontana Paladar Restaurant…The Best Grill in Havana… By Manuel Fernández FigueroaThere are places that appear just to fill a space; others, to transcend… It seems to be the case before us today. La Fontana Restaurant was founded 14 years ago and the slogan that specializes it ...the best grill in Havana ... was not born of their owners, who wanted to describe it as such; on the contrary, it comes from the clients, locals and foreigners. But, is this all what the visitor will find? First, it is located in a central and quiet area of Miramar, one of the most peaceful in the city, a few blocks from the sea. In the afternoon and from its open roof patio, one can smell and enjoy the sea breeze. Many clients have described it as a place with style and personality, given by the spaces that identify it. From the entrance to La Floresta open room, the visitor crosses a small bridge to meet a garden: lush vegetation, waterfalls and fountains with graceful fish, sculptures and installations made by prominent Cuban artists, as well as objects that decorate this space. If, however, the guest prefers air conditioning, La Estancia room is a pleasant choice. Before, you can stop by the bar Yerbabuena, named after the small herb used to flavor the Cuban mojito. In this tavern with its colloquial ambience, whether in the pullmans or in the large Cuban wood bar, you will find hot and cold tapas, a variety of entrees, both typical and international, including homemade sausages, which can be accompanied by refreshing Cuban cocktails or an excellent wine list. The walls around are decorated by major Cuban artists draws done in sittu, which gives the place a warm and bohemian atmosphere. This is something that can be enjoyed everywhere in La Fontana since various Cuban artists, from different aesthetic conceptions, are frequent visitors of this restaurant. And, is that all? Of course not! The most important thing is the cuisine that allows tasting more than 60 dishes, including desserts, with an exceptional combination of the international and traditional Cuban cuisine. Besides the aforementioned grilled cuts of meat and Caribbean fish, other dishes outstand to reveal this mixing, like the sea bream fillet with avocado mousseline, Octopus grilled over charcoal with pesto or meat skewers in okra sauce; that is to say, the freshest and essentials products that make a difference and accompanied by the traditional black beans, corn tamales, sautéed vegetables or mashed potatoes. Today, La Fontana restaurant is one of the most prestigious Cuban paladares the world over. It is no a coincidence that in the digital magazine,, it is placed in the third place out of thirty restaurants in the city, described as 4.5 stars according to clients opinions and epithets such as "the best in Cuba ...”, "really good ...”, "the very best of Havana...", "a fascinating culinary experience..." or that one from a possible frequent guest, “...unique every single time." This is the valuation a good gourmet will find in such a pleasant place.
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