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De l'Inde riche philosophies de vie et les traditions religieuses en faire une destination pour les vrais croyants, de savoir-it-alls, et même les sceptiques. Hindous, bouddhistes, musulmans et chrétiens, pour n'en nommer que quelques-uns, vivre avec une autre dans ce qui englobe tout lieu. Vous vous sentirez que vos yeux ne peuvent pas ouvrir suffisamment large pour tenir dans toutes les belles couleurs, les curiosités, et des personnes. Ne vous attendez pas à voir l'Inde en deux semaines, e...

Nous n'avons aucune description en Français de Inde, mais nous en avons une en Allemand, Anglais, Italien, Espagnol. Aidez-nous à traduire en écrivant un commentaire!

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On ne peut malheureusement pas toujours visiter tout ce qu'on aimerait. En vacances, les jours sont comptés, et l'offre presque infinie! ...

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  • Taj Mahal

    37 votes

    à Āgrā, Inde

    Le bâtiment est inscrit au patrimoine mondial culturel de l'UNESCO. Il est situé dans un parc.T...

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  • tajmahal is one of best place of world. it is worlds number one wonder. you should come here and explore its beauty. its one of beautiful building of world.
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  • India's Map
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  • I liked it, but the country is not at all clean. Saw many places and the most favourite part was shopping at Rajeev Chowk.
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  • Highlights of the North India TourIndus Explorer brings to you this interesting Cultural India Tour. The rich cultural heritage of India is known for spirituality, ancient history and unity towards its nation. The prehistoric cultures have evolved but are still very much present in today’s modern India. This vast country holds so many religions – Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Muslims, Christianity and many more. It is truly incredible that a country not only has a presence of so many religions but also has a historic significance of these religions well intact.http://indusexplorers.com/highlights-of-the-north-india-tour/
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  • Nice article. Oh I'm in love with India! What a lovely country with so much to experience. I thoroughly enjoy my last trip which i arranged with a local contact in India (it was much cheaper & reliable) - www.indusexplorers.com . Cannot wait to return soon
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  • India is nation where no safty for women children and can't trust none
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  • I went with an india tours operator and had a blast. We had unique experiences and the food was amazinggg. One thing I will say however is if they ask you if you like "spicy" food please know that their spicey is our fire. Thought I was going to die. Heres a link to our india tour: http://www.geringerglobaltravel.com
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  • I've saved this page in order to come back to go through it again. I feel you've made a few interesting points that I accept and your writing skills are flawless.
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  • Planet India Travel is leading operator tourist places India with more tourist places in India as noon as view about Leh Ladakh tour, hotels booking in India, luxury train travel in India, tour packages in north & south India.http://www.planetindiatravels.com
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  • Indien ist das beste Land auf der Welt! -Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India! SRK❤
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  • nice pice
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  • A land if diverse culture for every 100km. A lifetime is not sufficient to experience India.
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  • Indien - das Land der großen Gegensätze.
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  • ens veiem aviat !!!!
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  • Un paese sptrepitoso, meraviglioso, le tradizione, la vita, la natura, veramente magico, viaggioinindia.net vi propone piu informazione e itinerari per un viaggio da sogno
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  • india is the best country of world
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  • India is a beautiful country which is a world unto itself. There is something to explore for every tourist on our various tours to India. Such a tourist destination as India is hard to find. Every idea, culture, race and religion finds an expression here. This very fact makes it an unbeatable and incomparable destination
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  • I have been to Kalimpong, District Darjeeling, West Bengal, on an annual basis for the last 5 years. It is located in the Himalayan Hills, from Bagdogra (Airport) or Siliguri (Trainstation) it takes about 2,5h by car to get there. In Kalimpong the population mainly stems from Nepalese backgrounds, I think the "real" Indians are the minority:) The reason why I go there on a regular basis is cause i visit the My Peace Music Institute, www.mypeacemusic.net, where children from underpriviledged families are provided with a free-of-charge education to become music teachers (presently in violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano). The MPMI is a non-profit organization and entirely funded by donations. It is a big challenge for them to provide all the instruments for the children and to keep them repaired and the local teachers there do a great job. Pay a visit to this lovely music institute and if you can make a contribution, it is a wonderful project.
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  • no no he estado por eso busco informacion
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  • nein leider nicht,nächstes jahr aber zum ersten mal.
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  • with over 20 percent of the worlds population, its a culture you should not miss out on!
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