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  • où:Ville à Seeland
  • autres noms:København
  • Population:528,208
  • Superficie:88.25 km²
  • Indicatif pays:+ 45
  • Lien externe:http://www.visitcopenhagen.dk

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Top 10 des activités à Copenhague

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  • Nyhavn

    91 votes


    Ce centre connu autrefois comme le centre des péchés attire aujourd'hui la clientèle avec ses nom...

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  • Hi. I'm good. In LA at The moment. Hope you and The family are great as Well. Oh sounds Fun - I'm jealous. Well, I guess it kind of depends on what you like. But I like Cafe Dyrehaven in The area of Vesterbro and just hanging out on Sønder Boulevard in that area if The weather is nice. They have good food and is a great bar (low key, chill no fancy cocktails. Drone in Nørrebro area I like for drinking and dancing. Small place. You should go to Papirøen for food and check if they Will have live Music. Canal boat Tour I usually enjoy. I know you like soccer. How du you feel about FC St Pauli? I Would also go to Christiania and have a beer and food if weather is nice. Cofoco has a lot of restaurants which are affordable. For partying Kødbyen (meatpacking district) is Fun but Can also be a little hipster. But a lot of great food there too. Vega and Lille Vega is good for concerts and dancing. Let me know if you need more. And enjoy. I'm sure you'll have tons of Fun.
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  • I was there as a young girl and have yet to get back... but my strongest memory is amazing... the streets all smelled of chocolate!!! And, as it was Christmas, all the chocolate shop windows were filled with incredible creations, all made of that devine delight. One Christmas I will return!!!
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  • I went to Copenhagen for the first time in the winter of 2010. My first time in Scandinavia! Copenhagen is a cool, comfortable, well-run city which, like most European capitals, manages to blend cosmopolitan flair with old-world charm. The locals speak flawless English. My one regret; I visited when the famous Little Mermaid statue was at the Shanghai Expo. Guess I'll just have to go back.
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  • Oh Copenhagen, what a wonderful city with very nice people. The last time I was there I went to Tivoli gardens with 7 young american men that had decided a girl should not travel alone. We also went to see the little mermaid. I spent a whole week with these guys and we did drink a lot of delicious beers. What a nice memory.
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  • ...the gate to Scandinavia
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  • Muy típica danesa, bastante poco europea, mucho más bonita que Estocolmo.
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  • My hometown and I love it. Many cafes, restaurants, parks and friendly to people on bikes :-)
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  • קופנהגן
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  • la città più bella ed interessante di tutta la scandinavia
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