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Côte Sud Turquie
Côte Sud Turquie
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Türkische Südküste centre & environs

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Les frontières sont de plus en plus floues. Là où une ville commence et là où elle s'arrête, c'est souvent très subjectif. Le fait est qu...

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  • Château d'Alanya

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    à Alanya, Turquie

    Le château d'Alanya se situe dans la province d'Antalya (Turquie) et porte le nom de la ville dan...

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  • a charm in history 300 bc
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  • alanya
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  • belek 4ever!!!
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  • You wake up to the sun warming you on the top deck and you jump straight into the crystal clear turquoise water. Scrambled eggs and a full Turkish breakfast are waiting for you whenever you decide to come out. The morning is spent reading, sun bathing and dozing while the captain takes you to your next destination. Perhaps it's Cleopatra's Bath, where you swim amongst ancient ruins, or maybe Butterfly Valley, where the adventurous can walk up the rocky cliff to the primitive town of Faralya for spectacular views of the Mediterranean. After a luncheon feast, it is time for a well-earned snooze on a sun bed. Sleep comes easily when set to the sound of the gentle lapping of the sea. Maybe you are feeling energetic? Grab a mask and snorkel and explore. As the sun begins to set, you could wade onto shore for a stroll, or throw a line in the water to supplement the evening meal - the freshest fish, still-warm bread delivered by tiny traditional boats, a mountain of salad and fresh fruit, and of course - ice cold Efes beer. After dark, bring out the backgammon set and sample a Turkish specialty - apple flavoured waterpipe - before falling asleep under the stars on the front deck. Repeat for four days.
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