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  • Several years ago, I lived across the street from Cibreo's venues. I frequented the cafe in the morning for a cappucino and would go to the trattoria occasionally. It was some of the best food I had tasted there. I never made it to the restaurant because of the higher cost, but the food at the trattoria is the same quality. The Teatro del Sale was under my apartment, but i never made it there, either. I remember the owners being very kind, though.
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  • not as cheap as it used to be! prices are now comparable to other higher class osterias in Florence. Food is still good but the portions seemed to have shrunk quite a bit. It seems that, given the popularity of this place on virtually all I-guides, they dilute the size of the dishes in order to kerp up with the demand. There are definitley better places to spend money in Florence.
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