Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße guide

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  • où:Ville à Haute-Autriche et Salzbourg
  • Population:4699
  • autres noms:Bruck an der Glocknerstraße
  • Nom dans la langue locale:Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße

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  • Hallo! I am happy to share my experiences of Bruck and Grossglockner with others. I visited both Bruck and Grossglockner and found them utterly charming. Everything about the place is just beautiful. Writing about it now I find I am rather at a loss for words. It really is that beautiful. The town just feels like home and is so comfortable! They have the most *wonderful* local bakers that will deliver fresh baked bread and rolls right to your door. Heavenly! Of all the places I've seen in the world, Bruck, Grossglockner and Austria in general is the only one that still makes me cry from simply missing it. It is truly a very beautiful place one that I will hold dear until the end of my days. Visit if you can. You will not be disappointed.
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