Smokeys BBQ and Grill

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  • A friendly, casual diner, by people who love food, for people who love food, Smokeys BBQ and Grill is an exciting new entrant into Delhi foodie-sphere. Inspired by the ubiquitous BBQ joints that dot the Mid-West, Smokey’s reflects the spirit of a quintessential barbeque restaurant – 2 floors of wood and brick, but with pops of color and artwork to give it a contemporary feel.The food follows in the same vein. As the name suggests, there’s freshly barbecued meats, straight off the grill and the firewood oven right onto your plate, wood-fired pizzas and enormous, heavenly burgers and sliders and hot-dogs. Drinks aren’t a mere after-thought either. Smoked cocktails (made by smoking fresh fruit), aged cocktails (using liquor aged with spices) and molecular cocktails are all part of the thrilling drinks menu. And that’s before we get to the wine list, which features more than 60 wines (with plenty of New and Old World options, and almost every varietal you could hope for), all extremely competitively priced.
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