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  • Only I write this text to comment to you what happens in this Montezuma's soda and to beg them to never go; I was to taking a hamburger with my wife, they defrauded me recovering more than it was putting in the letter, ultimately acepé and I paid it. After this there came the lady who was entrusted in this moment and said to me that where it was going, that had not paid. Indignant enough I, the truth I protested saying that yes. A moment later there came the owner (a bullyboy), and extracted me of the place of a beating in which broke the glasses and it left several hurts me for the face in front of all you tourists of Montezuma, nonetheless it threatened me to be still sticking if it was calling the police. After so much, I investigated and found out that the owner was selling and consuming cocaine, besides a very violent being who frequents peléas and believe very badly environment in so beautiful people. Only I hope that nobody returns to this place and if it is possible that the police take charge of this madman.
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