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  • donde:Ciudad en Ceará
  • Nombre en lengua local:Praia de Canoa Quebrada

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  • There numerous reviews of Canoa Quebrada and I've written a few myself. But, sometimes others say it better, like this one:Canoa Quebrada is long from being the paradise discovered by the hippies in the early 1970s, but the vestiges of that era remain in the crescent moon and star carved into the red/brown cliffs, a sign which is now repeated down the beach and which has become the logo of what is in low season at least, a gentle beach resort.If people complain about the fact that things have changed over the last 25 years that is not surprising, but Canoa Quebrada has escaped the worst ravages of mass tourism. The main street is traffic free, there are no high rise hotels, and accommodation is predominantly small pousadas run by foreigners who have settled here- particularly Italians and Dutch. Weather is usually extremely good here and by the sea there are a large numbers of beachbars serving snacks and drinks for those who prefer to watch, rather than practice, the favourite sport of kitesurfing. Just down the beach a small fishing village, which really has remained unchanged. Something for everyone, but particularly for those who want a more gentle introduction to the real Brazil.
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