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  • donde:País en África
  • Capital:Antananarivo
  • Población:22924851
  • Área:587041
  • GDP per capita (PPP):989
  • Alfabetismo:70.6
  • Electricidad:220 V (50 Hz)
  • Tipo de de Enchufe:C,E
  • Código de llamada:261
  • Internet

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  • Parque Nacional de Ranomafana

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    Parque nacional
    en Madagascar

    El Parque Nacional de Ranomafana se localiza al sudeste de Madagascar en la provincia de Fianaran...

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  • Madagascar tourist attractions attract lots of tourists from around the world. They learn, and revel in their culture, in addition to know their opinion about all of those other world.
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  • To our initiative, a group of 23 English students in Geography undertook a journey of survey in Madagascar on November 8 to December 4, 2009. In part classic, in part out of the beaten trails, the displacement allowed us to observe realities of a country of the South. Meetings, fascination, shock, An itinerary between London and Madagascar: a revealing narration of the perception by a foreign look of the social, urban and farming landscapes. Students in License of geography to the university, we projected since the spring 2008 the realization of one journey of study in order to complete on the land the teachings of the two previous years. The presence of our, Malagasy professor to the university influenced our choice: Madagascar destination. To achieve this journey, we participated personally, taken of the initiatives (studying evenings, production and sale of tee-shirt) and sought-after of financings by different institutions: banks, university, local collectivities. The budget was able to be complete finally; our journey of study follows an itinerary of the fundamental Tananarive until the big port of the South, Tuléar. The agency that took in charges our journey of survey is Desire travel tours Madagascar ( This agency satisfied us a lot because it served us guides counterparts the whole journey and organize our entire destination. However they don’t take in charge the lodging and restoration. These counterparts that doesn't pose a problem because that allows us to choose the hotel that has wanted. The drivers are indeed cool and speak English well. To finish we encourage study in the world to visit Madagascar because there are the things that one will ever find elsewhere.
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