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  • donde:Isla en Mindanao
  • Población:200000
  • Nombre en lengua local:Siargao

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  • It is considered as the most striking island destinations of the Philippines presenting opportunities for surfing photography. Siargao is closest to the Philippine Deep which is the second deepest ocean trench. The slanting structure on Siargao’s East coast is besides General Luna Town making it exceptional. Barrelling, empty and perfect waves of Cloud 9, ranging from 1-1.5 meters high to 2-3 meter high barrels have made this part of Pacific Ocean more attractive for surfers. This part of Pacific Ocean is under the typhoon-belt so typhoon waves don’t hit Siargao Island directly. Siargao Island offers great atmosphere during monsoon season which is loved by all enthusiastic surfers. What makes this event special and different from standard surfing style is that the challengers will be deciding under which conditions they would like to surf. If you have any interest in watching surfing challenges, action sports photography and living at steamy Island sites, then Siargao would be the best site for you to visit and enjoy with 2010 Billabong Cloud 9 Invitational surfing cup. Direct flight can be taken from Mactan Cebu International Airport or Manila to reach Siargao airport. You can even take ferryboat daily before noon to take view of this island and to get pleasure from its aquatic wildlife. Siargao Island adventure tour can be the luxurious adventure of your life with your friends, sailing boat, drinks and delicious food. It has atmosphere for day/night fishing adventure. You can enjoy swimming at low tide and even in natural swimming pools. Caving discoveries in this island also bring a new look to your adventurous tour. Island also has some caves yet not discovered by men. Jungles enriched with wildlife have their own beauty. You can’t find much exciting stuff for shopping but while visiting island you can buy some local made products. Communicating with the people of different back grounds came with different objectives is a good source of sharing experiences. In Siargao Island Lovers Lane was established in 2005 to attract tourist. Disco clubs and snack bars are opened late night to entertain visitors. You can also find some bar girls who offer you a little more than just conversation. Rent a kayak or paddle boat to explore the cost line completely. Accommodation and hostelling services in Siargao Island vary in price and form. Islands adjacent to Siargao are offering wonderful environment to enjoy other sports. Beautiful hotel nights and splendid sea shore have couple of entertainment facilities. To attract more visitors no spectators’ fee will be charged and other water sports activities will also be held. Above all visitors from different part of the world will built an outstanding multicultural and diversified community for sharing experiences and ideas. please visit the different website: discoversiargao, siargaoislands,, divesiargao, siargaodivers, amazingsiargao, siargaogamefishing
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