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  • donde:Ciudad en China del Norte
  • Población:1293877
  • Nombre en lengua local:海城市

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  • Haicheng is a county-level city (technically a town) of more than 1,000,000 people. Not only that the town is unattractive with a crap load of worn-out residential condos and businesses followed by severe overpopulation, but the metropolitian area itself is so small (barely over a square mile) that pedestrians and vehicle traffic seems to be flowing at rush hour pace 24/7. Perhaps the taxi cabs are yet the most annoying ones. For every 30 seconds of walking down the street in town, you are likely to have some random ass taxi driver to honk at you, trying to offer you a ride. Meanwhile visiting a "low-class" department store can really drive customers crazy, especially people like me who lives in the US instead of China. Almost every booth you pass by, some dudes will try to talk into you to buy their shit. Convenience stores lacks the "We Card" stickers on their door and any tobacco and alcohol can be purchased by people of all ages. Patience, kindness and other related common senses are definitely something drivers and pedestrians lack in this town. In all too common cases, drivers will honk at you from 500 feet away just to make you get the fuck off the street. Pedestrians don't give a shit either, and they'd be chilling with other people on their cell phone and not even glancing at oncoming traffics while crossing a really busy ass intersection. Seriously, I was born in this town and managed to survive for 7 consecutive years. I just don't get why their "common sense" is not the type of common sense that we have.
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