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A los miembros de tripwolf 451 les gusta Roma
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  • donde:Ciudad en Roma y la Apennins
  • otros nombres:The Eternal City
  • Población:2864348
  • Área:1,285 km²
  • Código de llamada:+39 06
  • Link Externo:http://www.turismoroma.it
  • Nombre en lengua local:Roma

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Top 10 de actividades en Roma

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  • Fontana de Trevi

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    Lugar de Interés

    En la fuente barroca romana más popular, no puede meter ni un dedo para refrescarse, pero sí lanz...

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Las últimas Roma reseñas (30)

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  • There is so, so much to see in Rome. We stayed for 7 days and just about managed to see most of it. It gets very hot in the summer, which makes it a bit uncomfortable to walk around. For me it is the most beautiful city in the world, like a walking Museum. Sadly the Italians are so spoilt with all the tourists that you don't always get treated nice in the restaurants. AVOID the tourist restaurants if you like good food and be treated nice. They surprisingly don't speak too well English ( when we were there). The bus service is fantastic. To stay in Rome is very expensive. We rented a place 20 minutes outside Rome. We had a bus stop right were we stayed which brought us straight to the city centre. So make sure, if you do book a place outside Rome that there is a bus close by that goes into Rome. Many of the sights you want to visit are VERY expensive. Save up money if you want to enjoy Rome. If you like ice cream, that's the place to go to - smile-.
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  • un lugar para compartir con mi Padre.!
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  • Wunderbar Stadt
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  • Standing to be the capital and largest city in Italy, Rome is historically known as the ‘City of Seven Hills’. I would say that my holiday at Rome was one of life’s lavish pleasures which added an opportunity for me to enjoy at the capital city. The tourist’s sites and historical background made it to be one of the most popular tourist spot in the world. When I designed my trip the first query that popped up my mind was when to visit Rome.I chose the best time to visit Rome in order to take part in the activities, and events. Check out for more at http://www.triphobo.com/rome-italy
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  • superbe sejour octobre 2014
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  • Rome is an fantastic place to visit. Rome is a city and unprecedented commune in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy with 2.8 million occupants and is the country's greatest urban area here. Check this out at http://www.triphobo.com/rome-italy The city is found in the halfway western parcel of the Italian Peninsula, on the Tiber inside the Lazio district of Italy. Rome is implied as "The Eternal City", a thought conveyed by old-fashioned Roman journalists and columnists. Give us a chance to investigate a percentage of the best 10 reasons to visit Rome.
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  • An amazing city I could go back to over and over again to!
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  • Rome is one of the most amazing cities in the world. I have been here several times. It is also a very busy city, if you go I would suggest getting a hotel outside the city center. Somewhere in a neighborhood so you can actually see how the Romans live, it's cheaper, and you will get better quality food.
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  • Amazing city with amazing attractions. Will visit again.
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  • Eine der schonste Städte Weltweit. Egal ob man feiern, einkaufen oder das kulturelle Erbe genießen möchte absolut empfehlenswert
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  • maravillosa ciudad....
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  • 2012 best city trip we ever had
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  • Some friends of mine told me that now there's a new service that permit to surf the Internet by small pocket devices that you can bring with you. this service is called Witourist, I think there's also a web site. It could be very useful because in Rome there's not free Internet. or better..it doesn't work with no Italian sim.
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  • Beautiful, historic, and chaotic - Rome's appeal for the tourist is eternal. Home to one of the most delicious cuisines on earth. Head to La Carbonara on Via Panisperna for some spaghetti alla carbonara, or La Birreria Peroni for some delicious bucatini all'amatriciana. Stroll through the gorgeous piazzas and drink up the living history, but for the love of pete, try to time your trip for the springtime or the fall; Rome in the summer is sheer, boiling hot, tourist-packed misery.
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  • Un musée à ciel ouvert
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  • ..für mich die "liebenswerteste" Metropole in Europa .. :)
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  • Dicen que es la ciudad eterna, como lo son sus vestigios artisticos.Ese impresionante coliseo. No olvidar probar su famosa pasta y sus helados.
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  • Knapp 5 Monate meine neue Heimat- ein Traum :)
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  • La plus belle ville du monde ? A débattre avec Paris, mais la Dolce Vita n'a pas de prix !
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  • sin duda... impresionante
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  • tutte le strade portano a roma...
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  • Wow ... when you visit it ,, you feel that all World History just pass infront of your eyes .. really i do not thought it that huge feeling .. and how much it is great ...
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  • Eine unglaubliche Stadt, alleine das Essen und der Wein sind die Reise Wert! An jeder Ecke ein Zeugnis der Geschichte... in einer Woche hat man immer noch nicht alles von Bedeutung gesehn!
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  • He estado dos veces en Roma. Si vas a Roma no dejes de ir a Pizzería Baffetto (Via del Governo Vecchio 114). Quizá la mejor pizza de Roma!!
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  • no Rome no party
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  • Ahhh la dolce vita :) Plusieurs monuments valent le déplacement : la chapelle sixtine, le vatican, le castel san'angelo... !
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  • Statt den überteuerten Restaurants in der Innenstadt oder am Termini lieber in das schöne Viertel Testaccio ausweichen (Metro Piramide). Römische Lokale mit leckerer italienischer Küche. Außerdem DAS Ausgehviertel in Rom. Sonntags ist der Autoverkehr in den Fiori di Imperatori (Straße zwischen Piazza Venezia, Forum Romanum und Colosseum) und auf der Via Appia Antica gesperrt. Deshalb unbedingt Fahrrad leihen und direkt im Süden des Stadtzentrums die wunderschöne Appia Antica mit ihren Katakomben, Tempeln und sonstigen römischen Hinterlassenschaften entlangfahren. Lecker, aber etwas teurer im schönen Garten draußen essen kann man dann im schönen Ristorante L'Archeologia (Appia Antica, 139). Super-lecker Fisch und frisch gegrilltes Fleisch!
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  • there is no italy without rome!
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  • stay at least 4 days, so that you can see it all .... read angels and demons from Dan Brown and follow the steps of the book
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