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  • donde:Ciudad en Área de Riga
  • Población:698529
  • Área: 307.17 km²
  • otros nombres:Rīga
  • Nombre en lengua local:Rīga

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YouTube Riga vídeos

  • Grand Fountains, Petrodvorets Palace, St Petersburg, Russia [01:23]

  • Reco(n) Riga Singalong Hostel [03:58]

  • Danik's Tour of Latvia [04:54]

Top 10 de actividades en Riga

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  • Casa de los Cabezas Negras

    13 votos

    Lugar de Interés

    Casa de los Cabezas Negras (en letón, Melngalvju nams, en alemán, Schwarzhäupterhaus) es un edifi...

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  • Two weeks ago had a crazy weekend with Riga Off Road team! It was so fun and there were parts were I was screaming so lound! The instructors were brilliant and I will recommend this to everyone coming to Riga! You can find them here www. rigaoffroad. com
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  • One of the top things to do in RIga is the shooting tour. we went by Red fox tours. the service was excellent and price as well. i think that is perfect for someone who is looking for unique experience.
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  • City of opposites: old/new, rich/poor, clean/dirty. Had a great time there though. The black cat is a wonderful pub with a good vibe and pool table which I enjoyed. Don't recall the name, but there's an indian restaurant near the centre which was also very good.
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  • Riga is a capital of Latvia, and also a major commercial and cultural centre.The Old Town: Originally constructed by Germans, the Old Town now attracts visitors from all over the world with its stunning architectural monuments These attractions include Dome Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church, the Swedish Gates, Riga Castle, the Powder Tower, and more.Art Nouveau (Jugendstil): Architecture dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries is known as Art Nouveau. Although Jugendstil architecture may be seen throughout the city centre, Alberta and Elizabetes Streets display an unusually abundant variety of such buildings.The Ethnographic Open-airLatvia’s countryside looked in previous centuries. It features wooden houses (dwelling houses, windmills, barns) from all over Latvia and often hosts traditional craft fairs. Museum: The extensive, park-like grounds demonstrate howFreedom Monument: The monument was erected from money donated by Latvian citizens, and was unveiled in 1935, during the first independent Republic of Latvia. It symbolises the long-cherished dream Latvians held of freedom from the yoke of German landlords and the Russian monarchy.House of the Blackheads (Schwarzhäupterhaus): This architectural monument was first built in the 14th century, destroyed in 1941 and then rebuilt in 2001. It once hosted a brotherhood of foreign merchants. [URL][/URL]
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