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  • mercredi soir
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  • For a cheaper, more authentic experience, avoid the crowded tourist spots with their fancy signs, and visit a noodle or dumpling house where the locals eat.
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  • Das beste Dim-Sum-Restaurant, in dem ich je gegessen hab, ist das "Jing Fong" in Chinatown. Eine riesige Halle!
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  • Tired of Manhattan's slick, modern exteriors? Heck, just plain tired of the United States? Cross Canal Street in downtown Manhattan and find yourself worlds away from anything familiar. Hit Pearl River Mart on West Broadway to score some terrific Chinese goods and Mott street for delicious authentic Chinese eats (sacks of delicious potstickers and griddle cakes for $1!). The madness on Canal Street is your one-stop shop for "designer" goods (we won't tell anyone), and if you head over early enough, you can catch elderly Chinese men practicing Tai Chi in the park. .
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  • Immer wieder faszinierend, durch die Straßen zu schlendern, es ist tatsächlich "anders" hier und es fühlt sich ein bisschen an wie man sich China vorstellt. Man findet auch zuhauf authentische Restaurants, probiert mal Dim Sum Brunch hier!
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  • Buenísimo para hacer compras!!!!
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  • lots of good cheap shopping! knock off purses! haggle the vendors. they will usuallt negotiate price on anything!
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  • New York's Chinatown is like a fast teleporter right into China's mainland!
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