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  • hey this iz a complain than a reviwe about damn majestic city shoppin complex colombo. i went there for buy some stuff to ma friends in UK. and i went with ma girl friend. we walked all around the complex n have done loads of shoppin. am a srilankan and came to ma country after years. after we've bought our things, both of us stand near to a shop. n ma girl friend was very tired n really wanted to relax a bit. so she just put her arms around me. and we were talking. suddenly a damn security women shouted "hey what are u doin over there this is and shopping complex get lost from here if not i will drag you out and bla bla bla.. we were very upset. coz lots of people wre there lookin at us. after that we went to meeet her and asked her what did we do to shout us like that. she told us you were kissing over there and also hugging i saw u doin that and lots of damn things. but as i said before we didnt do that kinda thing. we were staying there coz ma girl friend was so tired. and am a sri lankan and i know the culture of srilanka very well. that fat security women is working on the majestic city cinama floor.that means the top floor. i'll never go to the majestic city again and all the ones who reading this,will understand the situation there. the staff of the majestic city are not friendly and educated people. and they even dont know how to deal with their customers. im very dissapointed with this thing.and to people who reading this,"dont go to the majestic city. there are lots of good places to visit than majesti city such as liberty plaza,unity plaza n lot more.. thanks.
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