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  • En Edimburgo todo tiene proporciones agigantadas, incluso las cervezas, por eso a veces los camareros miran mal a quienes piden una jarra pequeña. No obstante, el sitio es ideal para quienes deseen adentrarse en la esencia popular de la ciudad.
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  • Horrible treatment from 'Manageress' We went into this pub and asked the lady behind the bar what beers she had- she listed off a very impressive amount of beers so unknowingly we said 'but what about on draft?' and she said 'THAT IS DRAFT' in the rudest tone. So we ordered a Stella and she gave it to my husband. I then asked if she had red wine and she said yes I asked whether they were small bottles or big ones and found out that they had large ones only so being a very frequent wine drinker i asked if they had been opened long as wine tends to go off if it is left open for a day or so, She said 'WINE DOES NOT GO OFF AND HOW WOULD I KNOW HOW OLD THEY ARE SINCE I JUST GOT HERE AN HOUR AGO!' I said well can I try one - She said NO! WE DONT DO SAMPLES' I asked if I bought some wine and it had turned could i get it changed and she said NO! So I just said ok I will take a glass of Rioja thanks. SHE THEN PROCEEDED TO SNAP THE GLASS OF BEER OFF MY HUSBAND AND TELL US THAT WE HAD A PROBLEM AND THAT WE NEEDED TO LEAVE! I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. SHE CAME AROUND THE BAR AND STARTED TO PUSH MY HUSBAND OUT OF THE PUB - PHYSICALLY - HE WAS NOT HAPPY THAT SHE WAS TOUCHING HIM SO HE SAID SO - SHE PUSHED US TOWARDS THE DOOR AND TOLD US TO GET OUT. We asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager(not sure if I believe that) She would not tell us her name either!! I have never been so disprepected in my life. We had come to Edinburgh for the Rugby International between Scotland and Ireland and had been having a great time exploring Edinburgh. This totally put a dampner on our holiday and I am going to write to the company personally. I would NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE !
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