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  • 'Bad' sums this place up very well and NOT 'Bad' as in 'Good' either! Bad Venue- poorly laid out and stuck in an 80's time warp. Toilets provide the atmosphere and bounced fake bank notes provide the decor, just as a reminder that the people who go there are likely to be the kind who have fake money! (Surprising that they should have had so much passed to them, with so much neon they should be able to spot a fake a mile off!) Bad Staff- All the grace and manners of prison warders in a third world country. If you get past the bouncers don't expect things to get better once you are in- they really are ALL that surly! Bad Music- Early Kylie-tastic! Bad Attitude- Once you get past the bouncers, get ripped off by the coat check, queue for ages at the bar, get over charged and short changed while buying the watered down drinks, wade ankle deep in goodness knows what to go to the toilet, get bounced around by the never ending tide of passing 'revellers' and shout yourself hoarse over the top of I Should Be So Lucky you will inevitably find yourself being thrown out for having 'one too many' and daring to actually enjoy yourself! And the manager’s response will be- tough! They've had your money now p* off! Bad Idea- No matter how drunk you get it is NEVER worth going here! Don't do it
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