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Jardín del Luxemburgo

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  • Min. Statue of Liberty. Borders St Germaine des Pre. And the Latin Quarter.
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  • many books were written on thr benches of this legendary parc! perfect for picnics, reading
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  • Simply one of the best places to take a walk, run or just relax enjoying the astonishing view. Spectacular!
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  • In summer the parc closes one hour before sunset, in winter at 6 p.m.
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  • Yes, Yes, Yes do go here, was a lovely day full of locals and their family, a special place indeed.
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  • absolut schön, voller Leben, voller Düfte. Durchschlendern und anschliessend in St. Germain lecker essen, bevor man auf der Insel Saint Louis ein paar Süssigkeiten futtern geht...
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  • This is a great garden, with lots of space to wander and plenty of benches. At the center is a large artificial pond where children rent old fashioned toy boats and sail them around on the water.
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  • Le "Luco" est le parc historique du Senat. Cette etendue de verdure savament fleurie et arboree, offre un lieu de detente entre jogging, cours de tennis et fauteuils de jardin. Royal mais intime se melent les etudiants des lycees et écoles environnantes, les touristes et parisiens du quartier.
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  • etwas luxenburg in Paris
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