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  • One of the most pristine and unexplored islands on the Caribbean is Guanaja, where life is easy, island is undeveloped but there are several tiny villages where you can get great accomodation and food for affordable prices. Prefect for all ones looking for more privacy, and exclusivity in their vacations. If you go to Guanaja, you will back...
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  • Best of the Bay Islands if you're into relaxing and not being bombarded by motorcycles (utila) or rude taxi drivers (roatan). In fact, there is only one road here and it only goes on a little part of the island. The main town is all sidewalks on a little island next to the main island. Some people call it a 3rd world venice :) This is not really a touristy place at all, which is why it's so nice for a traveler. The locals are friendly and there are lots of opportunites to go hiking or snorkling or whatever.
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