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Rent A Professional Chauffeured Car For Your Wedding In Singapore

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There are numerous advantages to hiring a wedding car rental Singapore. This is especially true if you are not really familiar with the streets of Singapore and you and your special someone just decided that it was the best place to get married. Before you hire companies like the Lion City Limo for this special day, here are some things to consider.

Look at the reliability of the limousine company. There are plenty of forums online, mostly built by consumers such as yourself, that discuss the reliability of a particular wedding car rental Singapore. This will give you an objective peek at what the company can and cannot do for you. Things to watch out for include punctuality, the state of the car, freebies if there are any, and how courteous the driver is.

Consider the timeframe of your rental. Keep in mind that although you may only need the car for four hours, weddings are hardly like the military when it comes to time. You may actually need your Lion City Limo for close to eight hours, or maybe even more, so consider time delayers like photographs and ceremonial additions. If guests try to approach you to greet you, you will need to spend time with them too. It would be rude to just brush them off because you need to get on with your schedule.

List all the possible setbacks. There is an enormous pressure on the bride during one's wedding day because everyone hopes the wedding would be perfect, and the couple needs to make it seem like the wedding is going to be perfect even if they are juggling about a million things in the background just to make it work. When you hire a limousine service, you do so because you want to keep things as controlled as possible. You want a car that would impress, but you also want a punctual driver who will deliver on time, and with the highest

Expectations you have set up. What you should do is to list all the possible things that could go wrong during your wedding day that has something to do with the limousine service. For example, what will happen if the limo unexpectedly breaks down? How will the company handle the delay? How about traffic jams (a common occurrence in Singapore)? You will need to be at the venue at a specific hour. How will Lion City Limo make sure you are at the venue on time? How comfortable will you be during the ride?

Who are riding with you? Limousine services have limits when it comes to passengers. Sometimes, the bride opts to ride alone. Sometimes, she chooses to ride the car with her parents. You need to clarify this with the company you're hiring so there won't be any surprise charges on the wedding day itself. It is also recommended for you not to allow alcohol in the bridal car, even if someone offers you alcohol to calm your nerves. Formal dresses and alcohol just don't mix well when you're in a moving vehicle. Chances are, you'll stain your dress, and that will be the end of your fairytale wedding.

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