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Why renting a car is the best option? It can save you from many difficulties. When you are making the plan of spending a vacation with your friends then renting a car is the best option. Finding the best rental car can be a little hectic but, when you find the right agency and the best vehicle then you don’t need to worry about any other thing. If you live in America then you must be familiar with the concept of renting a car and how it can make difference to your life style. We are here to tell you some excellent tips for renting a car.

Finding the best car rental company            

Your first step is to find the best car rental company which can provide you the best car for your vacation. The best way to find the best car rental company is to ask your ASTA travel agent to help you find the best rental car company. There are so many different firms out there who serve different cities in different countries. A travel agent can save your time of calling different companies and collecting the right amount of information that you need. You can also find great tips and car rental companies online, on sites like


The cost of a rental car varies. It varies in different ways. There are usually four types of charges with different basic rates. A daily rate with a mileage charge, then there is daily rate with a limited number of miles per day. A daily rate with unlimited mileage and the rate that has free mileage over a specific period. Most of the companies can provide you economic deluxe and intermediate cars for your vacations. So, they do not cost as much as you think they are. You can enjoy your vacations without the stress.


The taxes are not included when it comes to the daily charge. And, these taxes vary from state to state. And, when it comes to the international car rentals, taxes usually add up to the 10 to 30 percent in addition to the rate. You might have to pay the possible Value added tax when it comes to the international visit. Plus, there will be more taxes like airport surcharge fees. And, they are added in addition to normal taxes. So, when you are going on a vacation or trip on the rental car then make sure that you have all the information that you need to know.

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