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South Africa tripguru guides

Tripguru Guides for South Africa

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4 votes

Hakuna Matata

created by forgetmenot last month

Ever wondered why the lion is called king of the jungle? Yes? Then spend some days at the Kruger National Park, get up early and observe ...

1 votes

Garden Route, South Africa

created by Travelaxel a couple of months ago

1 votes

South Afrika

created by snijs a couple of years ago

1 votes

Discover the Unmatched Appealing Attractions of Johannesburg

created by Brianmcquillan a couple of years ago

Johannesburg is one of the largest cities of South Africa. Also, it is one of the most thriving cities of the country and the most densel...

0 votes


created by pekoe last month

0 votes

south africa 2013

created by guest a couple of months ago

0 votes

Tour through South Africa 2012

created by guest about a year ago

The trip start in Pretoria and will take us through various Provinces

0 votes

my trip to South Africa

created by Juliekalse a couple of years ago

0 votes

Cape Town

created by Thomchardon a couple of years ago

A 6 months journey to Mother City

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created by marcwrobel a couple of years ago



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