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Walt Disney World tripguru guides

Use the trip planner to create your personal travel guide for you and for your friends!
  • 1 Create your personal trip: Choose an appropriate title and write down in the description where you are going and what you plan to see!

  • 2 Plan and organize your trip: Browse tripwolf's travel page and click the "+ Add to my trip" button next to the locations to include them in the list. Add sights, restaurants, bars, hotels -- whatever you would like to see. Change the order of the locations by dragging and dropping in the Trip Planner.

  • 3 Print and share your trip: When you are done planning your trip, download your personal PDF and send it to your friends.

  • 4 Synchronize your trip with your tripwolf app: If you have a tripwolf username and you were logged in during the preparation of the trip, you can retrieve it in the tripwolf app on your smartphone. To do this, log into the app and update the relevant guide (this also works with preview guides). Note: the trip will only be synchronized if all of the entries in the trip belong to the destination of the guide (e.g., the Paris trip may include only locations in Paris).

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