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8 votes

Kim Jong Il’s secret travel diary

created by tripwolf a couple of years ago

The travel plans of North Korea’s eccentric (and very short) dictator Kim Jong Il are state secrets and hard to guess. He sometimes disap...

5 votes

The Trans-Siberian Railroad for Beginners

created by cristina a couple of years ago

Many travelers find the idea of going on the Trans-Siberian Railroad alluring, but assume that it will either be prohibitively expensive ...

5 votes

Putin: James Bond villain and extreme traveler

created by tripwolf a couple of years ago

Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin went to extremes this summer to appear like the classical villain in a James Bond movie: On Chlako...

5 votes

The Obamas: Too good to be true?

created by tripwolf a couple of years ago

The Obamas are a hardworking first family. Unlike the Bush's, their little vacation time is still spent getting things done. A trip to th...

4 votes

The Silk Road by Motorcycle

created by Max a couple of years ago

The Silk Road was the most enduring trade route in human history, being used for about 1,500 years. Its name is taken from the prized Chi...

4 votes

Nicholas Sarkozy competes with Carla's cash

created by tripwolf about a year ago

France's president Nicholas Sarkozy has only the few, slow months of summer to impress his super star wife Carla Bruni with lavish vacati...

4 votes

Bill Clinton's Summer Sidetrack

created by tripwolf a couple of years ago

We all know that former US president Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea to free jailed journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee. How did h...

4 votes

Ahmadinejads' shortened summer vacation

created by tripwolf a couple of years ago

The travel plans of Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been slightly complicated by the uprising of his people against him. In sho...

3 votes

cities i want to work in my life

created by bauchidgw a couple of years ago

i know i'm not the only one: i think a portfolio of cities where you worked in your life is very very important so well this is my list, ...

3 votes

Best Dive Spots Around the World

created by adena a couple of years ago

Our pick of the top ten best dive spots around the world. From east to west, tropical waters to cold.Some are classics, and others may...



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