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Saturday in Brasilia!

created by Harasymowicz on 2016-11-30

Saturday in Brasilia!

Brasilia is a charming modern city located in the heart of Brazil. The capital of the fifth-largest country in the world is wide known for its airplane shape, fascinating architecture, its artificial lake (Paranoá lake) and an interesting organizational system... With one of the most beautiful sunsets in the country, vary of cultural offers and lots of friendly 'brasilienses', the Brazilian capital is a great option to enjoy a Saturday!

There isn't a better way to start the weekend in Brasilia than checking one of the most famous bakeries in town. Belini offers an abundant breakfast buffet with fresh fruits, breads, sweets and Brazilian specialties. Don’t miss the chance to taste the Brazilian “pão de queijo” (cheese bread)!

The next stop is the political center of Brazil passing by the Esplanada dos Ministerios (Ministries Esplanade, also called “Ministries’ corridor” by locals), National flag (the highest pole in Brazil), National Congress and the ‘ Palacio do Planalto’.

The Ministries Esplanade constitutes the main body of the airplane. In the middle we find the National Congress, building designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Protests occur daily in front of the Congress and it is not rare that, on week days, the traffic gets very heavy among that are due to these manifestations.

In the other side of the National Congress is located one of the most important buildings of Brazil: the Palacio do Planalto, which is the official work of the Brazilian President (nowadays President Lula). The building has recently finished a long renovation process that caused much discussion and revealed many corruption schemes…

All mentioned places are opened to public visitation on Saturdays with guided tours leaving maximum every hour (the guides try hard to make the best out of their English!). The National flag is free and outdoors, great to be admired from the Praça dos Três Poderes!

Not far from the Esplanada dos Ministerios there is one of the most famous churrascarias in the country, Churrascaria Porcão. Brazil is famous for this type of restaurants that, besides churrasco, offer basically EVERYTHING you can imagine! Sushi, Carpaccio, salads, picanhas (beef cut), fish, cheese, all kinds of deserts… Take your time; this lunch might need at least a couple of hours… Ah! Don’t forget to try the national drink caipirinha, it will help with the digestion!

After a busy morning what about relaxing by the Paranoá lake? A perfect spot to do so is the Pontão do Lago Sul, a wide leisure-gastronomic space with much green, fresh air, benches, picnic tables and restaurant. The view to the newest bridge in Brasilia (JK Bridge) is privileged and the environment can get quite romantic at nights! Tip: Try the best açaí (cabbage palm) in town in the Mormaii surf bar! If you prefer a more sporty option run to the City Park Sarah Kubitschek (aka Parque da Cidade).

To close the day with golden key watch one of the most beautiful sunsets at the Ermida Dom Bosco!
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