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See Venice before it sinks

created by forgetmenot on 2015-06-22

See Venice before it sinks
Everybody knows that Venice is slowly sinking, but nobody knows exactly
when it will disappear altogether. So why wait till you need scuba diving
equipment to see the famous Rialto Bridge or St. Mark’s Basilica.
Just take a plane, bus, boat, cruise ship, car or train to get to the

fish-shaped island and enjoy the “dolce vita”. But how?

#1: Enjoy a cappuccino or a Spritz (a wine-based cocktail with Aperol,
Campari or Select) in one of Venice’s small but charming bars. Remember

that the closer you are to a tourist spot, the higher the prices will be.

#2: Venice is a labyrinth of narrow streets, and some say that you have to
get lost in order to find Venice's true heart. So don’t worry. Just keep
on walking -- you'll always find yellow signs on the wall with “To
St. Mark” or “To Rialto”, and sometimes you'll discover some lovely
monuments, such as the spiral staircase of the Palazzo

Contarini del Bovolo.

#3: Enjoy the panoramic view from St. Mark’s Campanile (or if you'd prefer a cheaper and less frequented Campanile, go to the San Giorgio Maggiore island and you'll have a
splendid view, too). However, don’t get scared if the water levels rises
("agua alta") in Venice. That’s normal, just put on some rubber boots
and make the most of the beautiful reflections on the surface of the water:
they're perfect for taking cool pictures of the monuments -- and a
picture of you standing knee-high in the water is definitely more convincing
than an “I survived sinking Venice” T-shirt.
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    Chiosco at Campo Santo Stefano

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    Aqua Altra

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    Al Bottegon (Cantina di Vini già Schiavi)

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