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Putin: James Bond villain and extreme traveler

created by tripwolf on 2012-01-11

Putin: James Bond villain and extreme traveler
Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin went to extremes this summer to appear like the classical villain in a James Bond movie: On Chlakov Island in Russia’s far east he clipped a satellite transmitter to a harmless Beluga whale. Then he had himself lowered 1,400 meters deep into Lake Baikal on board of a mini-submarine to look for natural gas to exploit. Later he rode across the Siberian Republic of Tuva, bare-chested and with a grim look in his face. Putin also moved amongst diplomatic circles with the same steely expression – meeting Iran’s president Ahmadinejad in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg and mingling with Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi at the G8 summit meetings in L’Aquila, Italy. Also a short trip to Sukhumi in Abchasi featured on his list – as it is just around the corner from his summer palace in Sochi at the Black Sea. There Putin relaxes when he is tired from traveling – and plays „Nuclear War“ on his old Amiga 500 computer.
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    Chkalov Island

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    A wild island in far East Siberia. Chkalov Island is a long narrow island in Schastya Bay. It is a...

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    Lake Baikal

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    Body of Water

    Lake Baikal (; Russian: о́зеро Байка́л, tr. Ozero Baykal, IPA: [ˈozʲɪrə bɐjˈkaɫ]; Buryat: Байгал ...

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    Tuva Republic

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    Located in the south of Siberia, in the geographic heart of Asia. The Republic of Tuva is located ...

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    2 votes


    The industrial and cultural capital of the Urals. Considering its location, you'd be forgiven for ...

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    Where the G8 meeting was held in 2009. L'Aquila is a small central Italian city that is nestled in...

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    Capital city of Abkhazia. Sukhumi is noted for its mineral water spas, beautiful coastline and bea...

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    Bocharov Ruchei

    1 votes


    The presidential palace. You'll see Koni, the presidential pup roaming around this complex. This ...

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