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Friday (London)

created by guest on 2013-10-17

Friday (London)
  • 1
    Westminster Abbey

    106 votes


    Note that the Abbey itself charges tourists for entry, but not for worshippers. Attend a church s...

  • 2
    The Eagle

    1 votes


  • 3
    Buckingham Palace

    194 votes


    The main residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (reigned since 1952, coronated 1953). Other ...

  • 4
    Covent Garden

    41 votes


    Colorful & lively neighborhood with plenty of action & street performers.

  • 5
    Bond Street

    15 votes


    Bond Street is a major shopping street in the West End of London. It links Piccadilly in the sout...

  • 6
    Hyde Park

    95 votes

    Park / Zoo

    The eastern half of the twin parks. Of the two Hyde Park is open for longer and has more open, un...

  • 7
    Kensington Gardens

    3 votes

    Park / Zoo

    The western half of the twin parks and the half that is often forgotten in public consciousness. ...

  • 8
    The Regent's Park

    17 votes

    Park / Zoo

    Large open space very popular with Londoners and less visited by tourists than the other great ci...

  • 9
    London Bridge

    36 votes


    Several bridges named London Bridge have spanned the River Thames between the City of London and ...

  • 10
    Tower Bridge

    324 votes


    The famous drawbridge at the eastern end of the City was opened in 1894 and is one of the classic...

  • 11
    Big Ben

    221 votes


    Strictly limited numbers of tickets are available to climb the Elizabeth Tower, which was renamed...

  • 12
    HMS Belfast

    12 votes


    HMS Belfast is a Town-class light cruiser that was built for the Royal Navy. She is now permanent...

  • 13
    Piccadilly Circus

    180 votes


    At the junction of five major roads, Piccadilly Circus is the home of the famous aluminum statue ...

  • 14
    Leicester Square Theatre

    31 votes


    Central location to start exploring London city life

  • 15
    The Modern Pantry

    0 votes


  • 16
    Windsor Castle

    4 votes


    The largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and still an official royal residence. Much o...

  • 17
    Hampton Court Palace

    10 votes


    Historic home to English kings such as Henry VIII, now open to the public. There are many attract...

  • 18
    Kew Gardens

    15 votes


    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these extensive, historic and beautiful gardens feature elements il...

  • 19
    London Transport Museum

    5 votes

    Museum / Gallery

    In many cities a local transport museum would be of very narrow interest - not London, however! L...

  • 20
    St. Paul's Cathedral

    128 votes


    The great domed cathedral of St Paul's, designed by Sir Christopher Wren to replace the Gothic me...

  • 21
    Tate Britain

    16 votes

    Museum / Gallery

    This gallery houses the Tate collection of British art from 1500 through to contemporary art. A s...

  • 22
    Tate Modern

    71 votes

    Museum / Gallery

    An enormous art gallery converted from the former Bankside Power Station, a visit to Tate Modern ...

  • 23
    Tower of London

    210 votes


    The medieval Tower of London has a long history, during which it has frequently changed its funct...

  • 24
    Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

    31 votes

    Theater / Opera

    Shakespeare's Globe is the complex housing a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan ...

  • 25
    Madame Tussaud's

    66 votes


    Madame Tussaud's is a world famous waxwork museum, best known for its Grand Hall, with a collecti...

  • 26
    The Wolseley

    1 votes


    The Wolseley is a restaurant located at 160 Piccadilly, London, next to the Ritz Hotel. Designed ...

  • 27
    SIS Building

    19 votes


    Imposing building on the waterfront with a huge number of CCTV cameras and looks more fortified t...

  • 28
    Hampstead Heath

    8 votes

    Park / Zoo

    Encompassing nearly 800 acres of unspoilt woodlands, meadows and heathlands, Hampstead Heath is o...

  • 29
    New Globe

    0 votes


  • 30
    Tapas Brindisa

    3 votes


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