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Tripguru Guide for Beijing

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For Budget-Minded Travelers

created by fahad on 2015-06-22

For Budget-Minded Travelers
Wander through Tiananmen Square or the spectacular grounds of Gugong.
Search for the fast disappearing Hutongs, or curios in Panjiayuan.
Experience the splendor of the Great Wall and the culinary delights and

curiosities of Beijing, all on a low budget.

This Beijing budget holiday guide will walk you through the Chinese capital, which is
visited by millions of tourists every year, with good reason. One of the
best sights to visit is the Forbidden City. Standing in Tiananmen
Square, you will not only get an idea of the scale and grandeur that you
are about to witness in Gugong, but you'll also come face to face with a
tragic and endlessly debated period in Chinese history. The square is
not only the sight of the 1989 massacre of students calling for

democratic reform, but also the location of Mao’s mausoleum.

The Imperial Palace Gugong itself has over 8 million visitors a year. Built more than six centuries ago, this palatial complex once housed the Chinese imperial dynasties Ming and Qing and is now the ceremonial and political heart of the Chinese government. Yihe Yuan, the summer palace, is also a must-see after your imperial sojourn in Gugong. Make sure you visit Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill on your Beijing budget holiday.

Wangfujing, Beijing’s famous boulevard, rivals the cobblestoned avenues of Europe
in terms of the sheer profusion of shops and cafés. You’ll find
fashionable boutiques alongside famous brands, combined with the heady
atmosphere of tourist throngs. Go down ‘snack street’ in Wangfuijing to
get your fix of deep fried insects and toasted scorpions, all dirt
cheap. If you’re looking to do some serious antique shopping (and even
if you’re not), visit the Panjiayuan flea market, which operates on
weekends. Ignore the knick-knacks and knock-offs and head for the

private collectors offering antiques and curios.

Take a day trip to visit the Great Wall of China at Badaling. A cable car will take you
up to the most majestic military fortification built by man. The area is
incredibly touristy, but this part of the wall is among the best
preserved, and you will forget all about the crowds when you are

standing on this awe-inspiring bit of history.

Food in Beijing is very reasonably priced, so you can afford to eat very well even on a
low budget. Take care to eat hygienically cooked meals and drink bottled water. Highly recommended are the World of Suzie Wong and Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant - both a great way to be intorduced to the culinary delights of Beijing. For a great night out, head to the tiny
but wonderful What? bar. Consider Feiyung Youth Hostel, Dongzhimen
Golden Pineapple Youth hostel or the Lotus Hostel for a comfortable and
reasonably priced stay in Beijing.
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    Feiying Youth Hostel Beijing

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    Beijing Dongzhimen Golden Pineapple Youth Hostel Beijing

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    Located close to the Embassy district in Beijing, the Golden Pineapple offers 60 rooms for a grea...

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    Lotus Hostel

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    A well managed, charming hostel. It is thoughtfully decorated in traditional chinese style, has a...

  • 4
    Imperial City Museum

    41 votes

    museum / gallery

    Explore the cultural history of the area around the Imperial Palace. Opened in June 2003, the Impe...

  • 5
    Summer Palace Yihe Yuan

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    A public park and UNESCO world heritage sight. Though it has twice been under seige, today the Sum...

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    A stroll through Beijing's modern shopping district is a must. Wangfujing is a converted pedestria...

  • 7
    Hutongs in Beijing

    12 votes


    A slice of Beijing's history that is quickly disappearing. Hutongs are slim to very narrow roads a...

  • 8
    Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

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    You will not find better Peking Duck at a better price. This restaurant is famous for roasting its...

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    The World of Suzie Wong

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    Great for having a drink after work or at the weekend. Usually always busy. Ladies night till 11p...

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    What? Bar

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    other venue

    What? Bar is a tiny, non-descript place which is big part of the rock scene in Beijing. It is her...

  • 11
    Antiques and Flea Market

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    Panjiayuan Market -- a weekend flea market and an El Dorado for collectors. Beijing’s Curio City, ...

  • 12
    The Great Wall of China

    12 votes


    The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, a...

  • 13
    Tiananmen Square

    28 votes


    The site of 1989's notorious pro-democracy protests. The largest city square in the world was orig...

  • 14
    Mausoleum of Mao Zedong

    4 votes

    museum / gallery

    See the Chairman up close and personal. Though Mao had wished to be cremated, the decision to pres...

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