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Should students take books along with them while travelling?

created by guest on 2018-11-07

Should students take books along with them while travelling?

There is a saying that a student’s life is the best life where he gets all the fun that one wants from his life. However, we say that a student’s life is the toughest life as he has to manage his family, his friends, his girlfriend, and most important his studies. A student’s life is so busy that he never gets enough time to study and we have observed that a lot of students say that they don’t get enough time to prepare for certain exams etc. We have taken out a solution for it as we feel that if a student doesn’t get enough time to study, he should take his books alongside him whenever he is traveling outside. Here are some situations which will prove that students should always travel with books and for that will help you to access any NCERT books anywhere.

Most of the students have their houses situated far from the colleges and the schools thus they will get a good amount of time to study at least one chapter every time they will travel from home to school and vice versa.
There are certain trips where people enjoy a lot which is arranged by school or college organizations. Usually, these trips are outstation trips and it takes around 4 to 5 hours as an average to reach a destination. We are not saying that student should not enjoy, we are saying that firstly he will get a lot of time to enjoy after reaching the destination. Secondly, if out of 5 hours, he studies for 2 hours and enjoys for 3 hours, it will be a perfect solution for him as well.

There are certain situations where a student needs to travel along with his family to longer journeys. Most of the times, these kinds of journeys are very boring and students spend most of their time sleeping. We prefer that rather than sleeping, they should take some good books along with them and study hard for the time they are traveling in a train, bus etc.

There were some points that depict that students should always travel with books. We are not saying that a student doesn’t deserve to have the fun or a student should always keep on studying. Nut as it has been seen that most of the students don’t get enough time to study due to certain reasons; they can have a good amount to study whenever they are traveling somewhere. Now, most of the students think that it is hard to carry any of their books along with them while traveling. So we have a solution to that as well as one should go to and download as many books as we want. In this website, every study related book is available and easy to download. So, there isn’t any problem for a student to carry a bag extra only to carry his books in it as now he can keep all his books in his mobile or laptop, tablet or other devices as well. There isn’t any way that your books would be dirty or torn now and your books will always be kept safe and clean unless your phone gets broken.
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