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ENFit Devices & Neonatal products – Features and Specifications

created by neomedinc on 2016-04-28

ENFit Devices & Neonatal products – Features and Specifications

A baby is the most precious gift of a parent. If you are first-time mother, you might be quite naturally little confused regarding the health and well being of your baby. However, there is indeed nothing joyful than watching your baby grow up no matter how difficult the task might be.

Well, in order to ensure the good health and wellbeing, you need to be well-equipped with prescribed neonatal products.

Read on the article and get an idea about the products and their features in brief. It will be of huge help for you to choose the one from your trusted brand.

Oral/Enteral Syringes:

Oral/Enteral syringes are designed to help you safely deliver nourishment and oral medications. They are also available syringe pump software updates. However, you need not pay for that.


Equipped with amber colored rod that eases oral delivery in low-light conditions.
Prominent contrast between medicine and barrel
Clear barrel provides simple view of medication

Bold print makes reading scale marking easy to read

Gravity Pro:

Gravity Pro Enteral syringes offer one stop solution for gravity feeds. It is required to use a standard syringe barrel and remove the plunger to facilitate flow. Once the plunger is removed, it cannot be put again. The plunger is generally placed in a non-aseptic environment at the bedside.

Extension Sets:

Now, all United States enteral ENFit device manufacturers are coming with new standard designs for extension sets. The current extension sets consist of a unique tethered plug closure on the female inlet connector, male adapter; Y-site large bore tubing and other features. All extension sets are packaged sterile.

Feeding Tubes:

Now Feeding Tubes are available with soft medical grate support that offers nutritive sucking, developmental care and improved outcomes. The device has open distal tips without sharp edges and hidden cavities. The tube holes are drilled in with precision instead of cut. There are varieties of feeding tubes including silicone tubes (use up to 30 days), polyurethane tubes (use up to 30 days), PVC feeding tubes (short term use up to 3 days).

Kits & Catheters:

This product is directly connected to your baby’s safety. Whether it’s a specialized coude catheter or a long-term solution supported by an intermittent catheter, it’s important choose from your trusted brands to meet your patient’s safety and security. The kit typically includes a lumber puncture trays, NeoDrape, oral care and colostrums kits, umbilical catheters and catheterization trays, urinary catheters and kits.

Pharmacy Syringes:

The product features clear dispensers with blue and orange gradient markings and amber dispensers with white gradient markings. Oral dispenser with small volume provides visibility and control of smaller doses. Distinct gradient markings and bold numbers make it easy to read.

Transfer Lids:

It is ideal for standard breast milk bottles. Most of the manufacturers work on the idea to promote aseptic technique in order to ensure safety and wellbeing of the child. Manufacturer ensures that the product conforms to the ADA guidelines in relation to aseptic handling of HBM.
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