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If you have bought your tickets for the trip of Macau then there are few things that you must know about the place beforehand. As you all know that the city is famous for its casinos but there are many places except that too where you can enjoy your vacation by avoiding casinos and the fuss which accompanies them. It happens many a times that when you are going with your partner on a holiday. You both may have exactly opposite preferences. You might have somehow reconciled to visit this place but would be thinking constantly about the alternatives of spending time. First three points are meant fro you only.

Settle down at the Southern Island. For the aforementioned people Coloane is the best place to spend their time. This place is away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The pristine beauty makes its tourist mesmerized and let them enjoy the serene mornings and tranquil sun sets. The food here at few joints is very amazing like Fernando’s and Low Stow’s Bakery.

Historically rich Before the intrusion of the business minds into the city, its rich heritage has provided to many the status of world heritage sites in the world by UNESCO. It is the perfect blend of Portuguese and Chinese civilizations. There are many beautiful temples and churches for tourist to confer them the insight of the rich culture of this city.

Must Try Food This city has received its cuisine from both the cultures, Chinese as well as Portuguese. You can easily sense the Portuguese touch in the food by ample amount of chili, turmeric, coconut and cinnamon present in them. The national dish of the place is minchi; it is the minced beef or pork cooked with onions, soy sauce, potatoes and eggs. The most popular starter is Caldo Verde soup while the city is very rich in its seafood such as crabs, codfish etc.

Gambling Capital In 2007 Macau surprised the whole world by generating more gambling revenue than Las Vegas. Every one in five people in Macau work for casino. Baccarat is the game which is preferred more. With its low house advantage, this game is set out into more than 30 casinos of the city. Gambler here do not prefer slot machines unlike in Vegas, they are not very popular in Macau. There are also many casinos where smoking is prohibited. So confirm first before pulling out your cigarette.

The last point is for those who really need to enjoy the city for what it is famous for worldwide. Macau is the city which will give you the best views from its tallest building to the oldest shrines. The magnificence is city is spellbinding.
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