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Bangkok Blogs

  • How to Take Photos of Yourself When You’re Traveling Alone

    Picture it: Lake Amatitlán in Guatemala, 2006. Me, on the pier, posing for what has since become one of my favorite pictures of myself. Somehow, everything just seems to work: the landscape, the ghostly effect, the fact that you can hardly see my face. A […] read more

  • Bangkok – 48 Hours to Party

    Bangkok may be notorious for its go-go bars but that doesn't mean these are the only places you can enjoy a drink or two. You can watch the world go round at their rooftop bars or boogie till the wee hours at many of their established clubs.Start off your […] read more

  • Bangkok – 48 Hours of Shopping

    Not only is Bangkok a treat for food lovers but it's also fast creeping up to be a shopper's paradise. There's shops to cater for every taste: from those who are designer junkies to the budget conscious.If you're landing late at night and can't wait to […] read more

  • Bangkok – 48 Hours of Culinary Adventures

    There may have been quite a lot of negative press in recent years about Bangkok and Thailand in general due to the red-shirt riots, but tourists have not been their targets. So, why hold yourself back from visiting one of the gourmet capitals in Asia? […] read more

  • Fearless, Female, Frequent Flier: An Interview with Wanderlust and Lipstick’s Beth Whitman

    [caption id="attachment_4686" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo from Wanderlust and Lipstick"][/caption]Intrepid, enterprising, and constantly wandering the globe since her first trip abroad over 20 years ago, Seattle resident Beth Whitman […] read more

  • Living the traveler’s dream…

    Michael just recently decided he had enough of his day job and quit to embark on a journey through South East Asia. He started in Hong Kong and went on to Macao after that. Being a reasonable poker player he managed to top up his travel budget there. After […] read more

  • Buy as the Locals Do

    I've lived in 4 countries. Due to the large amounts of time I've spent in each, I've explored their regions, learned 2 new languages, experienced their holidays, and eaten my weight in their traditional foods. Through this, I gained a heightened understanding […] read more



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