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Singapore Blogs

  • Singapore – 48 Hours to Sightsee

    What is there to do in a city that's even smaller than Hong Kong? The 'Lion City' may be tiny but you'll be surprised at the places your can visit to keep you on your toes.Arriving late evening, head straight to the Marina Bay Sands casino and make use of […] read more

  • Singapore – 48 Hours to Party

    Singapore has been known to be 'boring'; a controlling city that won't let you chew gum or jaywalk. However, all this strictness has created a pollution-free environment but is this such a bad thing? Amongst the cleanliness, you can find Singaporeans partying […] read more

  • Singapore – 48 Hours to Eat

    When we hear about Singapore, we usually think of it as the Lion City with casinos, Universal Studios and Sentosa. However, not only are there a whole load of attractions to visit, the food is a delight as well.Arriving late at night, tell the cabbie to […] read more



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