Media Gossip

Some quotes from our previous media coverage.

mashable.comThe site is slick, and looks like it could be a lot of fun to use as it develops. The travel space is a crowded one to be sure, but with all of the social aspects built-in to this one, it just seems more welcoming than most of them out there’

Techcrunch.comThe site offers advice and recommendations by locals and experienced travelers, and users get highly personalized travel recommendations from friends, peers and like-minded travelers’ ‘the core product is very good, featuring content on 200,000 destinations and the ability to share trips and photos etc’

STA ‘tripwolf sound more like STA travelbuzz’s sort of animal, as it’s all about ordinary travellers sharing online’ ‘tripwolf scores with a very polished design, smart features, against social fatigue. (i.e. importing your social graph from facebook) ‘I am overwhelmed by the beautiful appearance’ The tripwolf team made a good job and I think you will find the site usefull and with good potential in this growing Travel 2.0 marketplace !!!

blissfultravel.wordpress.comOffering high quality content on more than 200,000 destinations around the globe…what could be better than signing up at tripwolf and start sharing your travel tips’ ‘ tripwolf has a very nice design and easy to use interface’ The best part about this website is its wiki like editing, where most of the things can be edited by the users. So the website has given majority of the power to its users to create and edit content’

Rolling Rains ‘this site could be a big development for sharing travel information in the disability community.’

Chris Brogan ‘loaded with all kinds of information and facets that would make your holiday travel plans a little easier.’

Gridskipper ‘Myspace-meets-Lonely Planet… upped the niche social-networking ante, offering free printable travel guides.’

Rotorblog ‘tripwolf wants to help you plan your next travel by offering a feature-rich social travel guide that covers the whole world with focus on European travels’

The Inquisitr ‘allows users to “feel” a destination when trip planning, and adds social recommendations to the mix as well’